Y2: Day 47 (Write About Writing) Why Do I Write?

Throughout the middle of the day, I sit at my computer typing away to the quiet.  There is only the sounds of my grandmother snoring in her bedroom, and the sounds of the cars going by outside of my bedroom window.

As I write, I contemplate an array of ideas and choices.  What would make for a good story?  Why have I been neglectful when it comes to my creative side of writing.  Lately, I’ve been writing for the soul purpose of writing.  It should be for something more.

I need to dig deeper into the realms of my entire being to come up with a suitable.  I want to bring out my soul onto the pages I write.  However, the only way a piece of writing can foster is through giving it life.  How, is the big question.  Oh, I know all about giving characters within a piece of writing voice and structure so they are three dimensional and don’t appear to be flat.  It takes much more.  One must have direction.  It’s important for a writer to know where his character is going, where he’s been so he can create a present for the character within the piece of writing.

It’s no good to say, I’m going to write a story, and then write just about the events transpiring in ones day.  Ideas for stories can derive from diary entries; however, diary entries are not stories.  It’s important to dig through all the mess of writing, mold it into shape and sculpt it into something tangible a reader can sink his or her teeth into what I like to call the “meat” of the story.

I find it takes a great deal of discipline when writing anything.  I’ve been told by relatives all the time, how can you just sit there and come up with a topic so easily and away you go?  What they fail to realize is it’s not necessarily so easy.  Writing is a form of discipline of which embodies everything the writer is.  All elements consisting of the mind, body, soul, spirit, the entire being of the writer must be in alignment.  A good writer is able to maintain focus throughout any distractions which may come his way.

It’s never a good time to write.  Life happens all around us.  Mr. Jeff Goins has often said in his writings and his lectures how it’s important for one to take the initiative to block out time each day to write, even if it’s for five minutes.  Eventually, the five minutes can go to fifteen minutes and go up from there.  It’s important to take advantage of the time to write wherever one can find it.

I’ve said so many times throughout my writing compositions how I rely on my writing to get me through the each day.  I need it like I need air to breathe.  It is my sustenance.  It’s my source of life.  It’s a lifeline for me.  I’m enabled to share my views and experiences with the world through writing about them and publishing them online, especially on my blog where others can benefit from my knowledge just as I make it a habit to benefit through the writings and knowledge of others who publish online.

There’s a wealth of information out there.  Everyone knows something which would be helpful to someone else in some way.  To find out what we know and who can benefit from our writing compositions and knowledge, it’s important to just write without fear of the writings not being good enough or suitable for publication.  Only one’s readers can determine what they happen to like and what resonates with them and what doesn’t.

I find this writing community of my500worders a type of family which supports one especially when there is doubt about one’s ability to write.  It’s important to give encouragement and support, as well to receive it.

The means in which we grow with our writing craft is to keep honing it, keep practicing, and keep writing.  I admit there have been times when I wanted to quit, due to discouragement obtained from getting rejections from publishers.  When I received rejections, I often felt like my writing was substandard.  Maybe it wasn’t completely up to par or up to the standards of the publishers.  However, it’s important to submit one’s work to as many places on can, get feedback and find out what one’s strengths and weakness are within one’s writing.

Constructive criticism is crucial to obtaining growth as a writer.  We may not always like what people have to say about our writing; however, it’s important to listen to all criticism, not just the good things people say about one’s writing.  It’s the only way to perfect a weakness and make a given story stronger and flow better.  I do realize no matter how much time one spends trying to perfect a given story or piece of writing, it’s never going to be perfect.  However, it will become better and stronger.  The tale will be woven tighter and unwind at a pace where the readers interest in not only sparked from the opening line of a given story or a novel, but the story will have a beginning, middle and an end.  It’s important for a story to climax at just the right spot in the story.  It means gradually building the plot and anticipation, reaching the climatic point of the story and carry the audience through until the very end, ending strong.

I believe everyone has a story to tell.  To start with a writer must come up with a strong opening line which would grab the attention of his readers or audience.  Then, he must follow it with further drawing his readers into the plot through sparking not only the interest of his readers, but build on their curiosity.  Keep on making the reader want to know more and more about the plot, characters and situations the characters have gotten themselves into is a great opener for a story.

Years ago during my college days, I had a playwriting professor who emphasis the importance of adding plants within given play or a story.  Plants are either objects or repetitive phrases inserted throughout the story which foreshadows what’s to come within a given story.  They are forms of symbolism with thing story.  Maybe there is a blanket one had as a child.  Perhaps one clung to it because it serves as a reminder of what was lost or maybe something tragic happened to him or her relating to the blanket, or even a motorcycle helmet.  Perhaps the form of symbolism is a swimming pool, or maybe a garden, such as in the story The Secret Garden.  Whatever the element used, once the writer figures out what symbols he wants to incorporate into his story, he can build the plot from there, but whatever symbols he chooses to use must be mentioned periodically throughout the story.  Perhaps a symbol can be a phrase a character of repeats to himself and another character or more overhears him or her saying a phrase and/or doing an action, such as is true in the play Macbeth, where Lady Macbeth has just killed a man for the sake of her husbands status.  She repeats various phrases while making the motions of washing her hands.  No matter how much time she spends washing her hands, she can’t get her victims blood off of her own flesh.  While muttering to herself, she tells about the deed she has done.  Such things are beautiful means for drawing out interest, anticipation, and structure for a given plot in a given story.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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