Stipend By The Rains Fall Into The Clouds

I’m stipend by the rains which

Fall into the clouds.

Frozen breaths drop them down

Unto the heads of man.

With every tear cleansing my

Eyes, the wishes of His command

Pinnacle my feet with the wreathe

Off of His head.

One big headache emerges

From throbbing vessels

Running their course with

Firewalkers who tread on


For every steer running through

Open fields, I’m at a loss for

Hope when anguish washes

Through my soul which has

Been trampled on by horned


Is there no longevity for me

To wash away my wounds

And peel away my scars of


For if only I could run away

From all servitude to my past.

Painted eyes laced with fear

Are dreaded by thunder racing

Against lightening.

The arrows of it’s cut pumps

Through my heart when living

In the valley of the damned.

Can anyone tell time’s window

To keep open with winded lungs

Filled up with strung up weeds

Wielding their own spin on thought

From food.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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