Y2: Day 30 (Write About Innocence) Little Milton’s Special Time With His Mommy




There was a time when younglings danced in the sun and the rain.  In the sun they tried to catch the heart on their faces.  In the winter, they tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues.  In the wet days, they strove to catch the rain water on the tips of their fingers.

In the winter, their tongues even got stuck to each other.  However, they managed to write off the ice with their own players games.  I often wonder where childhood has gone, now I’m this middle aged woman of 46 ½ years old.  It is a new age of reason and logic when a fire comes into play which has been missing for so long.  It is the realization of what was, what is and what will be.  Mostly, it’s the realization of what’s yet to come on such a factual majestic journey of the souls intertwined together.

However, these things are day dreamt about during childhood.  A child imagines in the world he wants to strive to be.  He is bent on folding the pages of the aches and pains he learns along the way through life experience.  However, he also leans toward the sun.  He and she are the flower leaning toward the sun to bind together forever and ever and ever more.  It is to be relished in the senses the days of pasture fold long.  Begotten are the days of treachery past; however, there is a song in the wind to fill the heart bells to make two souls ring.

Some folks called it calico.  Others called it the love of two puppies.  There was one with white long furry hair with a pink bow in her hair.  The other was a dash hound.  Either way, they both found their places in the journey to love across the sea and back.  The love.  They lived.  They grew and grew.  The so much until she eventually gave birth to three beautiful puppies.  They were two boys and a girl.

The longevity of the nature is to be relished in the soul, spirit, heart, minds, lungs, every part of the body fluidity holds.  Whatever the call of the wild there is exists a purity of life very much like the innocence of a child when he is running on a rampage of destruction in the backyard, while his mommy is in the kitchen washing dishes.  She glances out the window from time to time to watch her child play, and to make sure he’s not getting into mischief.

Once he is exhausted from play, he collapses on the grass where he lays his head against his mommies blanket she gave him which was hers from when she was a small child.  Mommy walks out to find baby boy sound asleep.  She kneels down and picks him up tenderly in her arms, pats his back, and carries him lovingly indoors.

She puts him into his big boy bed, stroking his little button nose once.  She kissed him on the forehead, on the left cheek, the right cheek, the chin, and on the bottom lip.  Then she strokes his head, running her fingers through his fire engine red hair.  She leans in closer, whispering to him, “Sleep well, my little man.  You have a big day ahead of you.  A big day, and another adventure to carry you off to dreamland again.


Her heart melted watching him sleep.


He often would wake up in the middle of the night, crying for his precious little Teddy bear she bought him with red, white, and blue ribbons.  Actually, they belonged to a set of three.  She bought them for him on her special trip she took on business.


Every now and then, Mommy would take the little child to the bakery to have some pastry.  The little boy all this time had the name of Milton.  He was the apple of his mommy’s eyes.  However, he only went to the bakery with mommy and received a special treat if he was a good little boy.


There were times when he’d stomp his feet on their way down to the bakery, because he wanted to stop and play on the playground they often walked by first.


“Milton, young man, if you don’t straighten up, we will not go to the bakery and get you your favorite sweet roll.  I was going to take you to the playground afterwards as a surprise to you.  However, since you’re being a naughty boy, no playground.  I’m not going to spank your bottom this time.  However, no playground.  I’m taking away your playground privileges as a form of constructive discipline, because I’d like to believe you too grown up enough for spankings.  Your five years old.  Don’t tempt me to spank your bottom.  I’m trying to do this for you so you can learn another kind of discipline.”  She grabbed him by the hand and walked along with him down the street.  “Remember this before we get to the bakery.  I want you to promise me you’ll behave yourself on the rest of the way to the bakery.  It’s the only way you’ll earn your treat.  And I don’t want you to wrinkle your nose at me like you did yesterday at the grocery store when I told you ten minutes for the electronic horse is sufficient.  Do I make myself quite clear, young man?”


“Yes, mommy.  I’m disappointed, and mad.  But I’ll be good.”  He glanced up at his mommy half smiling.  “I promise.”


Walking into the bakery, Milton tried to break hold of his mommy’s grips on his wrists when he saw the displays cases of the varieties of cakes and other pastries.  She pressed tighter on his wrists.  “Milton.  Remember what we talked about.  I’m giving you your first warning.  I’m going to count to three.  If I get to three.  Not only are we walking out of this bakery with no pastry, but I’m spanking you bottom outside of the business.  One.  Two.  Two and a half.”


By two and a half, he clicked his heals and stood at attention like a little soldier.


© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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