The Raven And Mother Earth

I don’t know where to begin.  I don’t know how I got to be where I am.  Or, perhaps I do, but still need to uncover the mask behind the facts.  During the atrocities of life’s reward, we find ourselves open to incumbency where the soul is guided by its own desires to find its rich reward.

If the soul could attain such a meter of trust within the confines of solitude, then all augmented studies would point out factual song plight which lead me to undo the undoing of this rest.  For the shield must dance before the Lord if he is to stand tall among all men of all men.  I reach out my hands to touch the light burning in the summer sky, only to be burned by the ends of its means.

There is no doctor whom can heal the wounded of the heart.  There is only the pleading of the song the funnel plays out in my mind.  In my heart there is a wire crossed.  I walk this channel within the deepest darkest crevices of my mind.  What do I learn?  Well, only the most inviting tapestry moves with the fetes of salvation.  For I offer my soul up to the Lord to be handed into the kingdom of heaven.

When the tides unfold my mind, the visions I seek release their own pleas to me.  The raven calls out to the earth in askance for release from its tomb.  But the earth replies, “I’m sorry, my son, but it is not for me to decide.  Your true measure must come from the holy of the holiest.  Sing up your heart in the cold winter air.  Step out of you comfort zone and make niceties with man, if you can.  However, you cannot tame man in his wild ways anymore than he can tame you.  Those of this world born wild, live wild, and die wild.

“But I cannot remove the hold the burning skies have upon my heart.  I must go where the fires within my soul tell me to go.  I cannot redeem my true reward unless I follow what the heart knows and the mind does not understand,” the raven replied, flapping his wings about while remaining suspended in air.

“Then you must ask yourself what you really want.  Only the heart knows what it wants; however, you must figure out what it is saying to you so you may find your way back to salvation, and leave the embodiment you have been placed in.”

“Is there not a lung in the seas who can guide me out of this treachery.  I wander for days into the hellish fires of Hades vessel.  For he is working his way into my mind.  God help all if he finds his way into my heart.  I don’t need it blacked with my soul in shreds in the process.  For possession in the beholders moonbeam.  If I am not to climb the mountains my heart desires, where shall my venture lead me?  Shall I parish forever in the burning embers of fallacy, or shall I be removed from the cloth you keep upon my gravestone?”

“My son, all I can tell you is to know yourself.  See yourself in others to know man.  Visualize your break away from captivity of your spirit’s demise.  Most importantly, walk with the sunlight above your head whenever the fever rises to a boil inside your timeless vessel.  Know the creed you follow, and from there you shall know your destiny.”

“I’ve grown fond of the freedom you keep for me.  However, how shall I be free when the chains of the past hold me down.  Only the freshest of the air keeps me suspended in time.  For if I’m to breath in this substance and let it heal my vessel from within, working its way to the outside, I must recapture my hold upon reality.”

“Then go where you must.  For reality is only a vision of life’s passageway.  In death you shall find life, just as in life, you have found death.  Be guided out of your perils through songs brewing inside your heart.  Listen to each of your heart strings as they sing to you, lulling you off to sleep during your restless nights.  Be comforted by their angelic tunes, and be forever bonded to another whose soul you are connected to.”

“Thank you, Mother Earth.  For the tears I drink have burn my lungs with their salt.  However, they have not diminished my thirst for life.  I shall always walk in the light of true light in the hope of all hopes.  For if only the cave I hide in will unchain me from the bonds keeping me down in times of treachery.”

“Treachery is one of the biggest lessons of life you must learn from and come to understand in time.  Take all which is holy in you soul and let its power chime in your hours of breadth.  I cannot release the hold put upon you by your inner demons.  All I can do is offer sustenance for healing the vices it brought upon you.  Keep feeding on the bitter herbs I provide you to cleanse your pallet of the soot you inhale, my son.  All shall then be right with the world.  For it is the greater good which has the most measure of your fallacy.  If only the heart can speak clearly to the mind, so you will be able to understand its truth it possess.  However, it is up to you to decipher its encoded message.  If life were made easy, my son, we’d all lose our purpose in life which is walked.”

“The fever continues to burn inside my head.  Temperatures rise with every fall I encumber.  However, if my vices are to be swallowed up by the tides of emotion, then I must risk all feverish waters brewing within the heart.  My pulse writhes with your truth, but I can see the opening of the vessel holding me prisoner.  Through the crack I see golden light piercing through.  Slowly I make my way out of Hades and into the realm of heaven.  The song plays on and defies gravitational pull.  I’m guided and winded all at the same time.  However, the meter I walk is pure in the divined eye of the one who beholds me.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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