Y2: Day 23 (Write The End) Bithlar’s Truths

The day of destruction has come to dwell in the hearts, minds, souls and spirits of planet earth.  There is a greater force in the Universe who is trying to reach out to lost souls, but all he is able to accomplish is a false hope in the eyes of the meek, because they have been lost to the darkness.

For every greater good, there is a cause lost to man.  If he surrenders himself up to the clouds, all he’ll find is treachery and death.  For it is all done with accordance in the plans laid out in the galaxy by one who is supposed to be the savior of life, not the destroyer.  I’m not saying this force is to blame for every bad thing gone wrong.  I’m only saying he or she needs to do more for mankind to help bring about a balance in the gravitation of life.

There is the tendency for him or her to become so distracted with idiosyncrasies of life, instead of focusing on the plan at hand.  If this being were to create an equilibrium which would bring about prosperity and happiness to all mankind, instead of a select few, there would be balance in the world.  There would be no need for war.  There would be no need of poverty.  However, what else are the citizens to do other than to put their lives into the hands of a higher power which has faltered them?

Is there not only an ending to life, but perhaps a means where every life on this planet can count for something?  I don’t know.  I only know there is a streaming voice echoing out there in the Universe crying for humanities torture upon him or her.  What shall the ending result be to consciousness?  I must lead myself out of the darkness if I’m to quell all misery in my heart.  For there is no other alternative but to strive for a better tomorrow through showing my own initiative.  The good Lord helps those who help themselves.

However, is there no end to suffering is someone is emotionally crippled badly with nothing but pain and anguish to look forward to no matter how hard they try to lead themselves out of the festering black hole they have fallen into?  An ancient prophet named Bithlar laid out in his ancient texts all the ailments of mankind.  In my dream state I read his diary.  Well, bits and pieces of it.  However all I could read at the time were a few pages containing these very words.  “Day 17-Man has not changed his ways yet.  How can the Universe survive if there is the battle for the throne.  In every part of the kingdom there are various kinds of people and aliens alike fighting to overturn the throne of the king to bring about a new leader.  If we lose the great man who rules, there will be no balance.  I hope through writing within these pages, I can put down some words of wisdom and hope for the stranger who shall come to know of this diary I write in.  For it is this stranger who shall have the most bearing on the world in a positive way.  No, it is not her responsibility to bear the fruits of man’s labor.  It is not her responsibility to bring wealth into this world or any other.  However, she has delicate, strident and difficult decisions to make with regard to her course in life.  She must stand strong against those who wish to banish her life from existence.  If she does hold strong throughout the course of misery brought upon her, there will be greater reward for her in the skies of gold.

She must not let any jealousy of tyrants bring her down, just because such folk want the best only for themselves and for their children.  This individual is not responsible for them or for their happiness.  Every man is responsible for himself and for instilling compassion in the hearts of their own children not only for a select few, but they must show genuine compassion for the one they hurt.  She suffers the most in this world; yet, such fools continue to turn a blind eye to her, and scowl at her.  They believe it to be unfair she would be the chosen one in life to bring about truth to the galaxy and create an equilibrium.

For if they do her wrong, it is the Universe which shall cease them, not the individual whom they torture and punish.  It is not her fault for the ignorance of these tyrants.  In closing for this day’s writings, my Lord, I must ask of you to vanquish all sorrow which is to come to this fair and meek soul.”

“Day 21-I’m here once more recording my sorrow in the hinges of fallacy, my Lord.  I live by my name’s truth.  I’m Bithlar, the theologian and brother to this institution.  However, I still have come to now conclusion as to how the ways of the galaxy may be restored.  There is only the woman I’ve been speaking of who must endure anguish relentlessly against those who do nothing but make her suffer, because they have yet to learn their lessons of what it truly means to be decent and ply.  If only they follow by this individual’s example, they too can become better at living the best quality life possible.  Their wealth doesn’t mean a thing.  It doesn’t prove they are of the meek.  It only further displays their ignorance, my Lord, when it comes to actually knowing the truth of the galaxy and as to how it really works.  I leave to chosen on with these final words.  Go with the way of the heart.  It is never wrong.  Don’t give up hope for what you want in this world or in any other.  Most of all always keep the faith.  Keep the faith.  For in the end, it is all every man, woman and child will have when they complete their own journey on earth and embark on a new one in death.

For there is a manifestation of humility coming only from the meek which the mentioned individual is.  She is the only one to know what truth actually is.  For it dwells in her heart and in her entire being.  The mentioned tyrants will make attempts to kill her and want to eat her to merge with her energies, because these fools will believe it is the only way to get at the truth.  However, it is not the way to obtain the truth.  It must come through being genuine to this individual in both good times and bad in her life.  They must genuinely honor her achievements she has obtained through her own efforts even if she outdoes everyone else.  And she will.  If there are jealousies because of it, then those tyrants who display who scorn her and hurt her will not receive anything but their true reward.  And their true rewards shall be punishment from the Universe for hurting its favorite soul in life.  And none of it will be her fault.  It will be the fault of those who have hurt her.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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