Y2: Day 21 (Write A Confession) The Hazards Of Alcohol Consumption

I don’t know if I have a confession or not.  I’ve always put much thought into something before acting out a type of behavior or action.  Nothing I ever did was by accident.  I never really messed up anything in my life.  I was always careful not to make any mistakes in my life.  However, there was one time when I wasn’t thinking at all.

I was visiting cousins at their home.  They had a cook out.  There was beer over there.  I was sitting at the kitchen table with my youngest cousin and her friends.  We were talking and drinking beer.  One of her older sisters who was my age then took my brothers and her to this place to ride go carts.  I was buzzed.  But I thought I was fine.

I got into the go cart.  I drove fine.  Then, when it came to bring the cart in and bring it to a complete stop, I crashed my go cart into my cousins.  I didn’t understand why such a thing would happen when moments earlier I had been completely in control of the vehicle.  Needless to say, I totaled the go cart.  My cousin got me out of the situation.  I don’t know what she told the man, but neither one of us had to pay for damages.  I was lucky no one was seriously hurt.  We walked away unscathed.

It was then I learned the lesson of mixing drinking with driving.  I was totally against drinking after the situation.  I never wanted to find myself in such a predicament ever again.  It was the most embarrassing experience of my life.

Everyone at my school viewed me as the perfect girl who never did anything wrong in her life.  If they only knew what happened the day I went to race go carts with my brothers and my cousins on the day in question.  However, I was under lots of pressure from my parents, the rest of my relatives, my peers at school, and everyone in my church to be perfect.  I was told by my parents it was up to me to set the proper precedent and example for my brothers, my cousins, my peers at school, and the rest of the young people in school regardless if they were older or younger than me.

I was under pressure to be practically perfect in every way or face the consequences.  I thought why should I have to be perfect.  No one is perfect except for God himself.  So, I got into the mess when I was in Chicago on the day in question going for ride in go carts with my cousins.

I don’t know of any other time when I really messed up other than two years prior to the incident in question back when I was a sophomore in high school.  It was New Years Eve.  The rest of my family was in the living room talking and watching television when I was in the kitchen downing an entire bottle of white wine by myself.  I liked it so much, because it tasted like Sprite.

When I was half way through, my father came into the kitchen and saw me with the bottle and asked, “Did you drink all of this wine by yourself?”

I looked at him, smiling, and said, “Yup.  I sure did.  And I’m proud of myself.”

All he said was, “I told you it’s okay to drink a little bit wine at home.  But I didn’t tell you to over do it.  That’s enough.  No more for you for a long while.”  He grabbed the bottle of wine from me and put it into the refrigerator.  He walked out of the kitchen and headed into the living room.

I checked to make sure he was occupied in the living room talking to one of our guests.  Then, I snuck the bottle of white wine out of the refrigerator, and drank some more.  I kept drinking it until the entire bottle was gone.  Upon finishing with the entire bottle of white wine, I filled it up with water to the point where it was when my father put it into the refrigerator.

The room began spinning, so I fumbled my way into the dining room, where I grabbed a chair and sat down for a while.  I don’t remember what happened afterwards on the night in question.  All I can remember is on the following morning; I woke up with a big head ache.  I was also nauseous.  My mother entered my room with my clean clothes she brought up from the laundry room when I was puking into my waste basket.

All she told me was, “Kiki, that’s what happens when you overindulge in the consumption of alcohol.  I hope you learned an important lesson here.”

“All I learned is that alcohol makes me sick.  I have a pounding headache of which I can’t get rid of.  My stomach is weak at the moment, because I’m so sick.  Drinking alcohol leads to torture.  I won’t be able to help with housework this morning, because I’m too sick to do much of anything.”  I wiping my mouth with my hand, I stumbled my way back to my bed where I climbed in and pulled the covers over my head.  The sun shone more brightly than usually through the window on the morning in question.  It only made my headache worse.

My mother pulled back the covers, swung my legs around where then dangled over my bed, and made me sit up.  “You’re not going to sleep all day.  You need to take a shower to wake up.  Then, you need to take a walk in the yard.  Fresh air will do you good right now.”

“How would go outside to take a walk do me good when it’s freezing outdoors.  I’ll have to put my winter coat, boots, gloves and other gear on just to prepare myself for going out doors.  I’ll take the shower.   But I’m no crazy enough to go outside in the cold weather.”  I ran over to my waste basket, fell to the floor, and held up my hair as I puked into it once more.  “I’m still sick to my stomach.  I think I better go back to bed until the room stops spinning.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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