Y2: Day 19 (Write In Someone Else’s Voice) Digger’s Bar

The alarm clock buzzed, and buzzed and buzzed, but I refused to get up out of bed.  I  was headed for another exciting day at work.  But last night was a night I’ll never forget.

I just arrived home from work at five-thirty in the evening when a couple of friends called me up to go out for a girls’ night out.  “On a weekday?  Well, okay.  But, I usually don’t like to drink until sometime later in the evening.”

“How about we head out at a little after nine.  We can hit all the bars then.”  My friend Casey suggested.

So I agreed.  I put on my sexiest dress, and went on my way to Digger’s Bar.  It doesn’t sound like anyplace ritzy, but it was a great place to meet people.  I walked into the bar and sat at the counter.  It didn’t matter to me what time it was.  I didn’t care my friends hadn’t shown up yet.  I just wanted a drink.  I ordered a scotch on the rocks.

As I drank my scotch, I noticed this guy who walked into the bar with quite a swagger in his step.  I caught his eye.  He winked, and headed my way.  Upon approaching me, he told me the most fanciful words I had ever heard.  “How do you do?  I’m Giles.  I must say my dear, you have the loveliest smile.  A beauty such as your is like the most sparkling champagne.  I’d like to pour you into my goblet and consume you until my thirst is quenched.”

Twirling my glass of scotch around, I drank a little, and smiled, “Those words you spoke just now are the loveliest I’d ever heard.  I’m Maxine.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Maxine.”  Gently taking my hand into his own, he kissed it.  “The sweetness of your perfume mesmerizes me.  I shall like to get further acquainted with you this evening.  So tell me, my darling, all about yourself.”

“I’m a stock broker.  I handle money for important people throughout the country.  I graduated from Harvard University at the top of my class with an MBA.”  I like the rim of my shot glass, and rubbed it with my index finger.

“No, no, my dear.  I should like to know more about you.  You.  When I say you, I’m talking about hobbies, interests, your family life, that sort of thing.”  His eyes met mine with intensity.

“Of course.  I was born here in town.  I enjoy coming to places like this, because it’s a great means for meeting some interesting people.  So, what else in particular would you like to know about me.  Narrow it down to a focal point.”  I winked at him as I rested my hand against the bar taking in the surroundings of the bar.

“Hmm.  What a challenge.  Do you fancy literature?”

“It depends on what it is,” I teased some more, “But narrow it down.  Rephrase the question.”  Looking at the bar tender, I asked for a gin and tonic.

“Uh.  It shall be on me.  As it is said here in America, my good man.  And make mine a whiskey sour.  Now, as for the literature.  Perhaps you’d be interested in the likings of James Joyce, or…”

“Actually, I favor romance stories.  The writings of Kate Chopin have always fascinated me.  In particular, I favor her novella The Awakening.  There’s so much of her heart going into the story.”  I swiveled back and fort in the bar stool.

“Yes.  Yes, indeed.  I however believe the dear woman may have given chivalry a bad name considering the manner of which she describes the characters husband and other suitors.  Wouldn’t you agree.  Or would you attest she was more in search of her inner self when writing such a work of artistry?”  Resting his fist on the table, he leaned in, whispering, “I do rather fancy chivalry however not when a man is a scoundrel.  In truth, I believe the men in the story of The Awakening each have their own attributes.  However, what is it you fancy in a man?  Could it be in the form of his sophistication by which his measure attests to, or perhaps its more in the line of devouring all sensuality his soul takes in from a woman’s beauty?”

I patted his hand, looking directly into his deep amber eyes.  “Giles, don’t worry.  I’m already interested.  I’d like to hear more about you.  What part of the world you are from.  I detect a hint of a British accent.  I find it rather charming.”

“Splendid.  Then shall we explore the further delicacies of romance tonight?  Perhaps a stroll in the moonlight?”  He offered me his arm.

I slid mine arm into his and walked with him outside where we gazed up at the heavens.

“The moon is beautiful tonight.  More beautiful the usual.  It clear.  Vibrant.  I feel it’s as if someone has reached up into the heavens and flicked on a switch to ignite the inner fires of the moon.”

As he stroked the nakedness of my shoulder, I took into his subtleties of elegance in his manner of speaking, as well as his aura he gave off.  The electricity floating in the air was contagious, because there was a fire brewing within me.  It blazed out of control.  But how could I control such a fire when being with someone as charming and fascinating as Giles.

I could feel his tenderness when he delicately touch my neck with his fingertips, massaging every inch of its flesh.

Walking further down the road from where I parked my car, I noticed the how quaint the businesses of my small town actually are.

Giles led me into his own fragility of the soul.  “I’m reminded of a scene in the play Mac Beth where at the very end of the production, Mac Beth shouts “Out, Out, Brief Candle,” only in this case I apply it to the wonders existing through the Universe.  For MacBeth, it had to do with death.  However, for me it reflects the end of the old life and the beginning of a new.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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