Y2: Day 17 (Pick A Fight) What If There Were Peace Throughout The World?

What if there were no wars?  What if there were peace throughout the world?  There would be no need for killing, because everyone would get along.  For so long, there has been war throughout various parts of the world either for political reasons, economic reasons or for the need and want of oil in on regions of the world.

This unrest isn’t healthy.  I like to believe the good Lord put man on this earth to learn something from life.  Yes, he is designed to make mistakes, but he is supposed to learn from them.  I believe we as human beings need to make a conscious effort to learn from history, meaning we need to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors and predecessor.  It’s then important to apply the knowledge we have acquired and learned.

The sad truth is politicians throughout the world are grown men and women, but don’t take the time to learn from the mistakes of the past.  If they did, there would be no need for war.  A few years back, their was unrest in a given country.  Instead of doing something to sensibly appease the situation and the people, the political leader in question gets the people of his nation all riled up by saying were going to get so and so and his nation for what so and so and his people did.  Then he said something to the sort of, Do you hear me so and so?  I’m coming to get you?  This is something a spoiled child would say when getting into a fight with another child.  Instead of finding a means to peaceably resolve the conflict or situation, it was as if this particular leader of the given country was stomping his feat.  I don’t believe he handled the situation as it should have been handed.  In truth, he handled it poorly.  The first thing he should have done when addressing his nation was to do so in a calm, collective manner.

In the end, tempers flared and more hatred spread, because of this political leader’s actions and words.  It’s important the political leaders of a given nation and the other politician act responsibly.  The political leader I’ve been talking about did not act responsibly.  If anything, he gave me the impression of he himself being emotionally unstable and mentally unbalanced.  In the end, no good can come from a leader who cannot control his own emotions.  No matter what the situation, a political leader needs to act responsibly.  He needs to keep his temper at bay.  I believe he should be strong and firm; yet, at the same time he must be and act collective.

Instead of behaving in a calm and collective manner he did as the saying goes, “pour oil into the fire”.  It means he further infuriated the people of his nation by feeding the hatred in their hearts and minds.  I don’t believe any political leader should behave in such a manner.  He didn’t think the situation through carefully.  He didn’t think before acting or addressing his nation.  When other leaders from around the world see a political leader from another country behaving in a manner where he appears to be emotionally unbalanced and emotionally unstable, may God help the particular nation.  Behaving publicly in a manner where the leader of the given country is behaving in such a manner where he is emotionally unstable and mentally unbalanced only displays his weakness.   It does little for his character and candor.

I believe every nation should have a leader or moral and ethical principle, along with having candor and character the rest of the world can admire and respect.  When the rest of the world can admire and respect the given political leader of his given nation, peace can be achieved throughout the world.  It can be achieved, because we all would have the same mindset.

I don’t believe any political leader of any given nation should verbally attack another given political leader of a given nation publicly.  If he is wise, he’d keep his opinions and personally feelings out of it.  I believe a political leader should speak objectively about a given political leader of a given nation, and about the given nation.  There is no need for name calling and disrespect for a given political leader.

Such political leaders who do such things must keep in mind there are children watching them on television.  Children watch an adults actions and listen to what is being said on television most carefully.  They are impressionable.  If a political leader can make such a mark on a child which would encourage hatred of others, what does it say about political leaders in general of the given nation.  It makes for the wrong kind of impression to make on society as a whole.

It vital all political leaders lead by example.  They are the ones who set the precedent for which the people of their given nation follow.  If they cannot display themselves publicly in a dignified and respectful manner in times of crises in their given nation, it does more harm than good not only throughout his nation, but throughout the rest of the world.  We all as a people need to get along with everyone from around the world.  It’s important to stand up for what is right; however, it’s important to do so in a peaceful and collective fashion.  There’s no need for violence to be used for handing a political situation.  Violence only leads to more violence.

When there is unrest in a given nation, soon there is unrest throughout the world.  A given nation cannot and must not have a political leader who encourages such behavior.  What does such an act say about his mentality?  What does such an act say about his candor and character?  What does such an act say about his ability to lead as a whole? If there is to be peace throughout the world, it must come from the leaders of the given nation first.  It must also come from the civility and humility of the people of the given nation as a whole to elect leaders to lead their nations through putting much thought as to what kind of person they want representing their country.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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