Y2: Day 12 (Lie) A Fever Burned Within Me

Throughout the darkness the beating of my heart thuds louder as my neck is caught with a wire wrapped around it.  Struggle as I may, I can’t break free.  Drip, drip, drip go the leaky pipes in my basement.  I can heart thunder cracking from up above.  The waters fill up my soul with a plethora.  My flesh prickles from within due to high temperature exerted from the heater nearby.  I begin to sweat.

I can see lightening through my window.  All the candor of the hills becomes flimsy along depleted cracks of my mind.  My pulse quickens its pace, and a shrilling voice is heard in the darkness.  “Fester up the stairway to the canyon, and feel the havoc of my rage.  I will not allow anymore interferences from those who stand on the other side of the window.  Try as they will to break through, but they shall never reach you.  How can they when they shall be thrown into the oblivion of the outer reaches of the galaxy.”

Tears fall from my eyes.  I’m paralyzed by my own fear as I watch my comrades struggle outside to break through the bond separating them from me.  At the moment, their efforts are in vain, because one by one, they drop.

I think to myself, what’s going to happen if they die trying to save me.  I couldn’t like with myself.  They need to stop, go back to where they came from and leave me behind.  They must live their lives.  My captor is much too powerful for them to break me out of here.  The more they fight, the worse things are not only for them, but for me.  Wires tighten around my neck.  I can’t break free, because my hands are in chains attached to the ceiling.

I hear cannons go off.  Attention is directed to force shield.  Although there is an explosion, it backfires, sending George Washington’s men back as they are hurdled through the air.

“Vindicate me, Lord.  Don’t let me die here.  I wish to be reunited with my family and friends where I’ll be out of harms way.  Is this what you meant for my life to be?  Am I to die here without knowing the true means of my life?”  I shout, trying to move my feet; however, it’s no use.  They are numb.  My legs have become nimble.

“Don’t bother wasting you voice.  No one can here you other than me, my pretty little black bird.  All you are meant for in life is to be here.  You are my prisoner,” the witch cackled as she struck my back with the whip.

The lashings I took burned as the poison seeped into my flesh.  “No,” I shrieked, fighting to hold back my tears, “You shall not break me.  I have a faith in the Lord which runs deep in my blood and burns in my heart.”

“Really?  I don’t see him here.  Where is this precious Lord of yours?  If he were as powerful as you claim he is, he would have rescued you by now, I should think.”  The witch struck my back again with the whip.

A fire burned within my soul.  I listened to the music echoing in my head.  Every note which played on further drowned out my cries.  Soon, the cries stopped.  My heart filled with excitement.  For before me, I saw a white winged  dove fly high above me.

Is this the endnote to my existence?  If so, what does it mean?  Where shall I go now I have recompensed my light?  I wonder what will become of me now the seed of distortion has been removed.  For with every seed of doubt the witch attempted to plant inside my head, there was a fire brewing in my spirit which would not let go of my grasp on reality.  But is this all a dream.  Am I really out of harms way?  I thought to myself as my eyes gazed upon the glorious sight of sparks glowing in the nighttime sky.

A fever burned within me.  I felt the shackles break away.  The burning I felt in the flesh of my back diminished.  I heard a voice coming from the other side of the door which said, “My child, you are free.  Go now and walk in the light.  Be on your way to reach the highest platitudes I offer onto you as a parting gift.  You shall not climb the stairway to heaven just yet.  For it is not your time to do so.  You’ll be reunited with your kin soon enough.  However, I’m referring to your earthly kin.  I was the dove you saw flying above you.  I was there all along fighting to free you.  You see, my child, I was all the towns people struggling to set you free as I gave me life for you.  I was blown into the oblivion by the cannonballs I fired at the force field.  I was there in your darkest hours.  For let the truth be known, I came to you in the form of your tears falling from your eyes and blanketed your cheeks with their sustenance.”

Falling to my knees, I bowed my head, quaking as I announced a mixture of emotions.  “Why would you make me go through all this anguish?  What were you trying to prove by letting me suffer at the hands of the witch?  I never did anything to deserve such suffering.  How could you the Almighty Father in heaven let all I beheld in my heart burn me in my times of need?  You say you were there with me.  Why let any of this happen in the first place?  I see no need for any suffering in this world, least of all it should happen to me,” I shouted while shivering in the darkness.

“My child, these are lessons you must learn not only about human nature, but your strength and will must be put to the test from time to time to keep you on the right path in life.  For only the existence of the suffering can bestow all goodness in this world.  Only the meek shall be strong, and only those overcome by the power of darkness shall continue to feed their soul with all which ruptures the balance of life.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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