Y2: Day 10 (Write About Writing) What Do I Love About Writing?

What do I love about writing? The truth is I love everything about writing.  It’s challenging enough where I’m not going to get bored with it; yet, it’s not too difficult where I can’t achieve the goals I strive for.  It’s my greatest passion.  I love it when my adrenaline gets going each day.  I look forward to starting my day with writing.  It brings such joy to my life.

Prior to restarting the challenge the 1st of this month, I had been struggling from day to day what to write about, although I had been working on a novel.  I was writing every two to three days, because I’d get stuck.  My mind was empty; therefore, I did much procrastinating throughout the week.  I wrote approximately for days out of the week if I was lucky.

Since starting the challenge I’ve been writing at least 2,000+ words daily.  Only once, this month did I manage to compose 3,000+ words daily.  However, what I love about writing is I’m growing with my knowledge and experience with the craft each day.  I see much improvement on a daily basis.  Recently, I compared the latest piece of writing to what I’ve composed last year around this time.  I saw much improvement.

As mentioned in a previous article, it used to take me at least a couple years or more to complete a novel I had been composing.  However, now, I can complete it in a matter of days.  My novel Fiona was completed in its entirety in a matter of 33 days.

I like to create worlds and people existing only in my mind and imagination.  Throughout this past year, I’ve taken Mr. Jeff Goins advice to not only listen to my life, but I listen to conversations going on between two or more make believe characters going on in my imagination.  Not only can I hear the conversation, but I can see the story play out in my mind as I write.  Sometimes the words and ideas come to me faster than I can get them down on paper or typed onto my computer.  However, I don’t complain.  I see it as a blessing.  Over the past year, life has been phenomenal with writing everyday.

I’ve also established an emotional connection between myself and the characters within my given pieces of writing.  As crazy as it may seem, but the characters within my story feel like they are my family.  I feel like the parent as such, because I’m their creator.  I breathe live into them and send them on their life’s journey’s or quests.  Yes, I create obstacles they must overcome; however, it’s important to have conflict within a given story.

I love everything there is about writing.  It is my goal to further develop as a writer.  I’m getting stronger everyday.  Throughout these past several months I’ve been writing and writing and writing until I’ve managed at least 1,000+ words all in one setting.  I’ve come to have more self discipline than ever before.  Through obtaining a better self discipline with my writing, I’ve become focused more effectively on my intent when writing.  I’m more intentional about what I write and how I write it.

I’ve learned more about technique over the past year.  However much I may struggle to come up with the words to put down either on paper or onto my computer screen, I’m disciplined and determined enough to keep going until I reach my goal.  In doing so, I gain some kind of momentum.

Writing is a great form of exercise for the fingers, as well as for the mind.  I further develop my thinking muscle; thus, build upon my knowledge.  I don’t make the kinds of mistakes in my writing as I have in the past.  Over the past year, I’ve eliminated overused and redundant words such as “that” and “this”.

When writing my first novel in my romance series, I kept putting said after every piece of dialogue.  However, over the course of these past three months, I’ve gotten rid of the word “said”.  Instead of using the words to describe the emotions of the characters, I let the dialogue or monologue speak for itself, and use descriptions for their actions.  Doing so helps my writing to flow better.  I’ve learned about this technique from an article I read online pertaining to the writing craft.

I’ve learned not to give up on a piece of writing.  I stick with it to further develop it and further strengthen the piece of writing.  I’m learning more and more everyday not to be afraid to try new things, especially with the writing craft.

The longer I write, the greater my sense of accomplishment.  There isn’t anything I hate about writing.  If I hated anything about it, I wouldn’t be writing anything in the first place.  I’ve kept journals throughout the years filled with my daily activities, thoughts, viewpoint and ideas.  I love the discipline of the craft.  As I’ve stated in previous articles, writing makes me feel alive.

From some point in 1998 thru September 11, 2001, I wasn’t writing anything.  I was going through some personal problems at the time, because of the discouragement obtained from publishers rejecting my work.  So, I took a part time job working at a buffet restaurant to earn a living.  Making money was more important to me than the writing craft, because I had debt.  I was still paying on my college student loans even though I graduated from Western Michigan University in August of 1992.

Although I was gradually getting out of debt over the course of working at the buffet restaurant, I was dead inside.  I drifted from day to day, because I didn’t feel alive inside.

It took the tragedy of September 11, 2001 to spark my interest in writing again.  I got inspired to write, because I was able to feel something however painful the feeling was.  What was most important was I was writing.  I suddenly felt life breathed back into me.

Up until the very moment I began writing again, I never realized how important writing was to my life.  Writing is what makes me look forward to getting up each day.  Without it I’m not only dead inside, but life would have no meaning to me.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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