Y2: Day 7 (Write A Letter To Your Younger Self) Advice To My 45 Year Old Self


Dear Younger Self:

About a year ago, I had no idea where I was going with my life.  Although I wrote frequently, it wasn’t often as I would have liked, until January of last year I got involved with My500words writing challenge.  Throughout the course of the past year I listened to lecture by Mr. Jeff Goins and the experts affiliated with him.  You will be confused a bit.  You may not even get the full understanding of blogging and linking your blog up to the life, but you will hang in there and keep participating.

Expect to have complications at home with your elderly grandmother.  She will keep you up every night and prevent you from getting a good quality sleep.  However, even with very little to no sleep, you still manage to crank out a piece of writing.

The obstacles you faced in your past are learning experiences which will serve as great sources of inspiration.  Sometimes life will through some challenges your way.

There will be deaths of some close family friends, but you will persevere with your writing endeavors, drowning your sorrows into journaling.  From there, you will find great modes for healing.

Online there is a great site called Duolingo.com of which one can learn to speak, read and write various foreign languages.  Last year, I used the site to study the Spanish language of which I refreshed my memory.  I also studied some algebra.  I advise you to study such courses.  You can study algebra on a site called KhanAcademy.com.  There are many facets of study to explore and study aside from algebra and other forms of mathematics.  Take the algebra course.  You’ll be surprised at how well you do.  I know I was surprised at how well I did.  The courses on both sites are free.  So refresh your memory or learn something new on the sites.

No matter how difficult some of the writing challenges may seem, stick with them.  Persevering will only strengthen you knowledge and skill as a writer.

In 2015, you will write like you’ve never written before.  You brain will get the most out of the exercises.  The mind will open up and expand.  Don’t be afraid to build upon your knowledge.  There will be much going on with you spiritual growth in addition to a greater understanding of the universe you inhabit.

You will not watch cooking shows anymore, because your interests will alter.  Country music is you favorite genre of music to listen to, although you listen some the music stylings of Madonna, Cher and certain other pop music artists.  However, pop music is no longer in the forefront of your interests.  You’ll fall in love with country music more and more each day.

Don’t be afraid of change.  There is a book called The Art Of Work by Jeff Goins.  In his book he talks about the means for and the importance of finding one’s calling while letting go of fear.  Have the courage to expand you horizons.  Although you fear trying new things most of the time, don’t be afraid.  I recommend you take his course to learn more about yourself and about the way life works.

Through reading Jeff Goins book you’ll be inspired by the stories he writes regarding some of the people he interviewed for the book.  Each one of them embarked on their own journey.  Many of them endured tragic circumstances; however, such circumstances led them down a journey where they found their calling.  Prior to embarking on their journey, they were either in different careers they thought they were meant to do even though they weren’t satisfied with, or they obtained careers resulting through tragedy.  They made changes in their lives through finding their passions.  It’s important to be passionate about what you’re doing.

Although you have doubts about where you are going with your life, you’ll eventually find what you’re supposed to be doing with your life to some extent.  Don’t expect to become rich and famous.  Such things take lots of time.  Sometimes you’ll have the sunken feeling you won’t ever achieve your goals.  So try something new.  Try other methods you’ve never tried before.  Read up on the writing craft, and educate yourself on the marketing side of the writing craft.

Devour as many books as you can pertaining to the writing craft; however, don’t forget to make time for fun in you life.  Family and friends are also important.  They are your biggest champions in your writing endeavors.  Mr. Jeff Goins often said, a person can achieve great things in life, but without anyone to cheer him or her on the achievements will be menial.

Continue writing each day.  I realize it’s difficult for you to get up in the morning, because you grandmother’s crying keeps you up all night long and throughout the morning and afternoon.  However, you need to understand your life isn’t perfect.  Your grandmother adds stress in your life.  You can’t wait for the perfect opportunity to write.  There is never the correct time to write.  Therefore, you need to find the time wherever you can.  Take time to write throughout the day.  You can start by writing one hundred words a day, moving onto writing 500 words daily, then up to 1,000 words daily.  By 2016 you will move onto writing 2,000+ words daily.

By then end of 2015, you will have completed a 6,000+ word novelette, a 26,000+ word memoir, and a 53,000+ word novel.  You will also complete the first 12 chapters of the next novel before the year is over with.  It is also a year where you will obtain more writer friends.  My500words has so many encouraging writers who will become such great friends to you.  You will find you have lots to say.  You will be amazed with yourself and what you’ve managed to achieve, in addition to giving encouragement to your writer friends regarding the writing craft.

What you thought you knew about the writing craft isn’t enough knowledge to base the writing craft on.  Chandler Bolt, an expert affiliated with Mr. Jeff Goins, talk much about his own concept which he calls “mapping”.  Where it took you years to complete a novel, you’ll discover you can complete 45,0000 words of your novel in 30 days time.  You will complete your novel Fiona in 33 days time.  You’ll be learning more and more about yourself as time progresses.  So when it doubt about yourself and your capabilities as a writer, don’t give up.

Take care of yourself.


Your older self.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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