Day 1 (Commit To Plan) My Second Year For 31 Day Writing Challenge

This is my second year doing the 31 day challenge.  When I did it last year, I did all of the challenges except for day 1.  Now, I’d like to commit to doing the whole thing all over from the beginning, comprising my collections of writings to start with day 1 this time.  Therefore, I’d be bringing my manuscript total for the 31 day challenge up to 31 this time, instead of the old 30.

Through committing to the plan again, doing the prompts from the very beginning, I’d like to grow with my writing craft, and to further develop my skills as a writer.

In addition to participating in the 31 day plan, I will continue to work on my novel “Blaine” (Book 2 of my romance series); thus, bringing it to completion once I hit at least 50,000 words with it.  I’m a little more than half way through with it.  So far, I have 27 chapters.  From there, I’d like to begin book 3 in the romance series.

I will be doing the above mentioned writing project, in addition to writing for the 31 day challenge.

Upon completing each piece of writing for the challenge, I’d like to compare and contrast them with the pieces I wrote last year which was the first time I did the 31 day challenge.  I’d like to test myself throughout this process by keeping track of how far I’ve come as a writer over the past year till now.  I hope to see how I have changed not only with my writing, but with my thinking.

Lately, the most often I’ve been writing is every two to three days for my novel, and only once or maybe twice a week for my blog.  I’d like to get back into the habit of writing everyday and be kept accountable for it more than I’ve been doing.  Mind you, I do post the word count for my writing projects for each time I write.  However, I’d like to write more often than I do.

Over the course of the past year, I went from writing 500 words daily in one setting to writing a little over 1,000 words.  So, for the 31 day challenge, I’d like to surpass the 500 word count for each piece of writing I do for the daily writing challenge, and write a little over 1,000 words for each piece of writing like I’ve been doing for each chapter in my novel “Blaine”.

Throughout the next 31 days, I commit to pushing myself to exhaustion through writing and writing and writing until I can literally write no more for the rest of the day.  However, I realize everything in life is often achieved with a single step; thus, taking things one step at a time.  Doing so means composing one word at a time to build a sentence which will lead to a paragraph which will lead to multiple paragraphs.  Therefore, I’ll reach my goals for my word count.

During the course of participating in the challenge, I hope to educate more often in my writing, in addition to entertaining my audience.  I’d like to delve deeper into my heart and soul than I ever have before, although I have written on a deep subject matter regarding my life experiences and observations.

Perhaps I can strive to do more human interest pieces in my writing, as I participate in this challenge.   I believe it’s time I do some research for some deeper subject matter when it comes to my writing.  I hope to use this writing challenge as a means to reconnect with myself.  I believe when one comes to know himself or herself on a deeper level, he or she will be able to establish an even stronger emotional connection with his or her audience.

Last year taught me many lessons about life in addition to refreshing my memory about the fundamentals in the writing craft.  I’ve learned to overcome fear of failure and to keep trying for my goals.  I’ve become more confident as a writer.  However, because I’ve gotten away from writing on a daily basis, I have become sluggish and restless.

I believe through getting involved with the challenge again, starting everything all over from the beginning, I will get back to the discipline side of writing.  I need to redevelop discipline with my commitment to the writing craft.  Writing every two to three days is okay, but I could being doing more.

A problem I encountered lately is I’ve gotten stuck in a rut of doing the same routine from day to day.  I’m more than certain the 31 day writing challenge will be most helpful in getting myself out of the rut.  Working on my novel daily in addition to working on my posts for the 31 day challenge will make my life a little more rewarding.  I’m determined to see the 31 day writing challenge through by not missing a single day.

I can definitely use the mental exercise.  I commit to further learning from other writers to grow as a writer and further develop my skills.  In addition to reading good fiction, I’d like to read more nonfiction books containing useful skills I can use in life.  Therefore, I can grow as a human being in addition to further developing my writing craft.

No matter how frustrated I get with myself from time to time about my writing craft, I’m going to learn to have more patience with myself.  I realize it’s important to get back to being an observer in life in addition to being a participant.  Through doing so, I can pick up interesting dialogue and mannerisms which would make for interesting story material.

First and foremost, to begin the process of writing daily for 31 days, I intend to learn to relax more.  Doing so will further stimulate my mind.  When one’s mind is stimulated it becomes filled up with ideas.  When there ideas are present in the mind thoughts come to me faster than I’m able to get them down either onto my computer, Smart Phone, or paper.  They overflow; thus flood multiple pages with beautiful words and use of language.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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