The Crackle Of Thunder


The crackle of thunder in my head splits the magnitude of the sunrise I hope to capture in the light of the sun.  I hold on tight to every miracle the good Lord throws down to earth, but I’m filled with contempt.  There is a darkness brewing in the stairway to my realm of unhappiness.  A fire consumes all I hold dear within my heart.  For these chambers are filled with a disease brought on by illusion hidden beneath the surface of an opaque façade.  You use you illusive manner to test every nick of my patience; yet, I’m hollowed out and buried in your ashes.  I burn up the sky with a glare of red and a tinge of orange.

When shall deception falter into ill contentions drowning me in your ocean?  I only wish I could bring forth ever evasive song to ask in allowance for the trade my heart longs for, but I’m not yet become all I hoped to be.  I wish I could erase my scars love has brought to my heart, if only to have the burning fade out into nothingness.  However, these scars burn stronger and stronger with each passing day.

You ignited a fire within me on the day you wrote words of scorn upon my heart.  I was victimized and tortured.  I will never be able to contend with the realms disease has eaten.

When the rain falls upon my head where shall I go for shelter?  Will I be washed away by your storm brewing in me?  I only have one wish to play out in my yearning.  I scamper about through fields of gold, falling down and scrapping my knees against their roughness.    Do you realize the coarseness of you grains against my flesh?  Do you even care what road I’ve have been led down?

I couldn’t even walk upright, because I fell with every step I took in the moonlight.  For your credence has never allowed for a peaceful mind to sound asleep.  If ever the mongoose should wander through my fields of gold, I would grasp onto him tight.  I’d let me be carried off into the sunset by the power of his wings where a warmth excites my heart.

I’ll never go back down the starved roads you walk.  For all you know is your own voice of deception.  Your lies are so deceptive, you’ve even deceived yourself into believe your own words having no concrete substance to cling to.  There is no truth in your realm.  There is only the world you’ve created for yourself at the expense of another’s heart.

I’ve watched you burn up in the fires of Hades, because your candor has drowned your heart in darkness.  Soulful moons dance before your eyes; yet, you cannot discern their intentions.  However, I’ve always known your intentions with every move you make.  You are predictable in everything you say and do.

I’ve always known you to be nothing but a foul mouthed, evil minded disease devouring all you’ve been given.

You’re always eager to take the money and run with it.  However, all you do is end up burying yourself alive in poverty.  All you’ve taken from the world is never returned.  It’s never brought to fruition, because you haven’t any common sense.  For it is one’s failure to use logic which blinds him to the truth.

You are bound only to the tails you weave.  For they are your blanket you use to keep yourself warm on a cold winter’s night.

When shall your road stop bleeding out?  It never will.  You’ll bleed out everything you are, enduring an agony like none you’ve never known.  For the devil doesn’t play fair.  Then, again, neither have you.  So, I’d have to say, in all fairness, you are in good company.

If ever a heart were merry, it should be mine.  For I have hungered for your suffering.  I’ve always known and believed you must pay the price of the king’s ransom.  However, in my heart, I can never show you mercy, because you’ve never reciprocated it unto me.  You carry your bantering words into an early grave, because you don’t see God as your true father.  You’ve never even had the decency to treat your earthly father with kindness and respect he’d always deserved.

It is due to a darkened soul from childhood you have become evil, because you listened to people you shouldn’t have opened your ears to at all.  For it was their advice which has eaten up your better judgment.  What is your recourse for ending this vindictive plight you’ve led your own children down?  Don’t you know you’ve lit a fire now spreading throughout my very core?  I can’t put out this madness brewing inside my spirit.  Your poisonous words have eaten up my heart, and fill my mind with darkness of which I cannot escape from.  For it is your face I see at night in the realm of dreams.  You taunt me, and strike me down with your hands.  I stumble to my fight, and raise my fists of fury.  I shake them at you shouting how you will be defeated by the mighty hands of the Lord, if you keep knocking on the doors to darkness.

It didn’t matter how you scoffed at me, and struck me again across the face with your hands.  With every blow you made on my, I only became stronger.  I let hatred brew within me, because it made me stronger.  I was compelled to stand up to the devil you have become.  Finally, the day came when I had you begging for mercy.  However, I would not relinquish any.  I stayed strong, and defeated you.

For I am my own tower of strength with the spirit of God running through my veins.  For only the wines of truth can sustain man in times of treachery.  When the road is dead, so is his heart.  However, when his fire burns inside his heart, his song is loud enough to be heard all the way up to Kingdom Come.

I shall never thirst for the wines of peace ever again.  For they are here within my blood.  My essence is merged with the Lord.  I shall never walk alone.  For he walks beside me in the sands of time.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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