Walking The Trails Of Fire

To be conflicted with emotional plague is the disaster painted by the colors of fire consisting of blue, black, orange, red, and yellow.  When the flames rise higher, they reach out and devour the soul.  For the execution of the innocent spirit is the waver of illusion when all comes into the marching down the halls of a desire eating up the soul. It’s the diminishment of all held sacred within the very core of one’s entire being.

I walk trails of fire in the night where voices of the rocky mountains sing praises to the Lord.  Only the true way of the reward can reciprocate the tides of the ocean’s body.  However, it’s is the luxury of time igniting hope, not the malice burning within one’s heart.

Hunger breeds all over roads of eternity.  It longs to be driven into the night by the moonlight; however, only the moonlight can summon the driver.  The driver summons ships, and the ships summon stargazers lurking on earth.

Hydration expires in the flames of turbulence.  Liquid light is not the best means to quench thirst.  For thirst is only quenched by true knowledge when it comes to wavering away all illusion and doubt.  Only then can there be hope for the fiddler to bring his music to life in the old mines of heated plains.

If it evaporated in the sun, the mountain would cause an eruption igniting within the hours of the tides.  When tides of oceanic walls emerge from the end of the crust, fantasy breaches the porthole.  I call out to the wind to bring me forth all musicality of the soul; however, the might of the sword is the elevation of dreams into a higher platitude.

Tortured souls are misguided by their past they can never make right.  If the driven follow one heartbeat, the terror boiling inside these souls can be eliminated by the oscillated desires to be free.  Freedom many times comes with a price.  It can be the call of the civil the bring out their animalistic side in order to do the right thing.  There is no other way to fight a vicious battle.  Striven by only the heart, they are driven to beat down all vicious eaters of hope.  In order to bring back hope, one must bring back the light within one’s own heart.  In the light of survival, the heart burns out and the mind suffers a crash, because circuits get crossed wrong.

Some return from the turbulence of illusion brought about by violent tendencies brought against them while others drift from day today.  They are lost to the past.  There is a pain boiling within their tortured souls, broken hearts, and minds riddled by the road forced upon them.

Dialing into the waters in the soul can pinpoint the object of their fire. However, the fire can be extinguished by one’s inner strength.  Inner strength must come with the ability to feel.  Sometimes it’s one’s ability to feel which defeats him, because the thunder shakes the dwelling his spirit resides in.

If the shield in his light can bring up the body of the truth, then the everlasting light eats up all the pain.  The fire burns not only the flesh, but it can devour one’s self.  For he loses himself to the darkness brewing within him.  It takes the will brought on by faith in a higher power to fight the darkness.  One must first find his one voice of reason.  Others are sometimes called upon by the Lord to be another’s voice of reason.  Through doing do, they serve as a great source of strength for those lost in the flames, struggling to get out from the ground they are buried under.

There is also a snowballs chance to devise a plan of execution to reach higher ground.  However, it’s the madness which can encircle sands of time’s door.

Good tidings await the meek on the other side of the door.  They only need to have needed courage to reach out their hands and open it.

This is there awakening stemming from their long journey life’s lessons have taken.  For they are brought to the end of their tides when clarity comes into play.  Once reasoning has been obtained, they embark on the path of self-discovery.  It can take years for one to find himself, but it can be done.

When we are born we are who we should be; however, the violent path individuals are forced to take causes them to lose themselves.  Once they embark on the path towards healing, they become stronger.  They become who they were supposed to be.  It is the person they were within from birth.

It can take many years to find one’s way back to the light, but once they do make it out of the dark and into the light, they will find themselves.  Recognition of one’s true self is the true reward of existence.  The true self is who one was from birth; thus, recovering his or her inner strength.

For only the pathways to the light can hold one up towards elevation of the highest.  However, it is by the hands of the Lord one walks through the sands of time, experience a reawakening.  Only then can he or she know the truth.  The truth is how one walks through the doors of his internal being.  He is merged with the light of hope.  His bond with it is unbroken.  He is unshackled from his past.

He comes to realize all is never really lost.  When it seems like all is lost, it really isn’t.  There is always a way back to the light if one has the desire to get back there.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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