The Howling In The Wind



Throughout the ages it has festered in the moonlight the spirit of the miser to forgo the longest ease of the sands.

In the darkest hours of heavens tides, the ocean succumbs to man’s heart forever enlightening minds in the circumference allowing me to drift onto the shore.  Barren is the heart which cannot feel.  For if man cannot feel, he cannot see.  If man cannot see the what comes near his heart than he will never know what his true path will be.  There is the seeing in the mind of what he has become.  In the heart, it is the knowing marching up his grounds his hills co-master with the light in his heart.  If the light within his heart is burned out, he will not see.  The seeing I’m talking about is not with his eyes, but with his mind, heart, spirit, soul, all comprising his essence.

There is a howling in the wind where a wolf cries out to the heavens to be guided by the wisest star.  He knows where he is going through following the ways of his heart.  His light is the source of his strength.  If man were to follow in the footsteps of the wolf true essence, he would see what forebears in front of him.  He’s know true measure of himself if only through the ways of the moonlight.  For in the darkest shadows of the night, there is the tendency for him to lose himself to the darkness dwelling inside of him.  For these demons boil within him, and eat up his soul, because he cannot discern which is the right path for him to follow.  So, he chooses the easiest road.

Sometimes the easiest road to follow isn’t necessarily the right one.  All he’ll usually end up finding for himself is a life filled with shackles and chains which adhere him to his addictions.  They feed on the mind, soul, and spirit.  Then, they feed on the heart and darken his inner being.

Man becomes lost in the underworld, because he has given into the redness of the fire leading him and guiding him into further treachery.

There is the song in the wind which can still guide him out, if only he’d take time to hear the voice of truth, and mind its ways.  Therefore, he will be led out of the darkness and thrive in the burning light of the sun glowing all around the earth.

Grains of sand add up in the tides of his pulsating heart.  For every grain, there is a song, for every song, there is a truth.  When all these truths combine themselves they become whole.  When man is whole, he has risen up from the ashes, and come back to life after years of living like he was dead.  In essence, he was dead within, walking around the earth like a zombie.  The living dead only drift through life, because they are lost to the underworld.

It takes a steady hand to uplift the from the graves they have fallen into.  For only one true soul and spirit can be man’s tourniquet.  If he looks to himself for the will to live in the light, he can find his way back to the light.  The heart and mind combined have to be willing to dig man out of his grave.  For it is this desire to be whole once more which leads to the first step to his road of recovery from a live of turbulence and treachery.

It is the disease within his spirit which destroys his inner power.  He must build up his life piece by piece by starting from the beginning.  Through taking a grain of sand, and combining it with those of others, he can create a brick.  With every brick laid down, he will create a stable foundation which he can stand on.

It is the inner strength coming from one’s will to live in the light of the sun which he feed his essence with truth.  For if man can finally see himself as he really is, he will come to know himself.  He will see himself in others.  His goal directed behavior which was blocked shall become unblocked, because he will somehow find the solution to the problems ailing his soul.

I’m driven by the power of the wind.  The will to survive in the sun and leave the fire of the grave is the way to uprooting all disease, and further promote healing within man’s heart.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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