Day 320: (Ouch!) Living Life Can Be So Painful

Shortly after graduating from college back in August of 1992, I took some time off to enjoy myself. I held off on finding a job right away, because I had been working nonstop and going to school nonstop from the time I graduated from high school.

In October of 1992, I attended a cousins wedding. Two days later, I traveled to Chicago to visit relatives on my father’s side of the family.

My cousins invited me to go to Marriott’s Great America with them. So, I agreed to go. It sounded like fun.

We took a limousine from Chicago to Wisconsin where the Amusement Park was. I enjoyed the various rides.

Then we go on the roller coaster swiveling folks around and around. I leaned my head back to far, and whacked the left side of my head hard on the inside of the ride. There was a loud bang. I put a dent in the ride with my head.

I was out of it for the rest of the day. I didn’t tell my cousins anything, because I didn’t want them to worry. My neck was stiff and sore. I had a big headache for the next three days.

As time passed, the pain got worse. My head ached, my neck ached, and the room was spinning, but I still said nothing to anyone. I did tell my aunt I wasn’t feeling well. I mentioned to her about having a bad headache and feeling sick to my stomach.

There were vibrations going on in the inside of my head like energy which had not been there before. My head felt heavy. My aunt gave me some Tylenol for the pain. I lay down in the bedroom of my aunt and uncle’s basement. About three hours later, I woke up from my nap. I felt slightly better, but I was still out of it.

My aunt was worried. She asked me if I wanted her to take me to the doctor, but I told her no. The pain will go away. It was probably something going around like a 24 hour thing or something.

Till this day, if I touch the delicate part of my head I injured at the amusement park, it’s a little sore. However, I it was never a concussion. I was lucky.

When I was in high school, I was walking fast into the living room. The dumb father of my always left this stool in the middle of the floor. I always ended up tripping over it. I fell down on my left knee multiple times. I’ve suffered from knee pain for so many years. The knee pain is also attributed from working in a cold damp place when I was younger. From the time I was 11 years old to 18 years old. I worked at my parent’s carwash where it was cold, wet and damp in the winter time. Over the years I’ve developed bursitis.

Even now when it’s damp out side and getting ready to rain, I have severe pain in both my knees. Climbing the stairs is difficult when the pain occurs. It’s a struggle, but I force myself to do so anyway. When there is no dampness nor rain in the air, my knees feel fine.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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