The Winds Serenade The Trees

The winds serenade the trees carrying fruitful platitudes
To offer man his nourishment.
I follow the songs of the desert when my calling asks my
Pursuance of flight to ascend the highest mountain.
My heart weeps for a past lost in the moons desires,
Not knowing how to resolve all worlds failed by golden
Streams of remorse.

My soul hungers for the return of the lost sheep to find their
Fold in the arms of the Lords arms,
But only the driven can unfold the truths locked away in the minds
Of serene waters.

I dance in the moonlight with my shadow to comfort me in
The darkness, but only the evading song can lift my heart
Out of my grave, and surround it with a sparkling diamond
To uplift the moods of the moon.

I’m offset by your candor when the fires in your eyes cut
Through me, and dissolve my spirit.

Forever lost is the wading pool of my consciousness when
The hours of need come to rest upon your head.

However, there is always the light beholding me in times
Of treading of thin lines.

I only hope the step I take won’t be the last.
For if I shall fall through the cracks of the earth,
At least I know I’ll be in the company of fire brewing
In the tower of strongholds.

I am but a flame connected to the Lord’s spirit,
And I drink of the wines he rescinds in my heart.

For to lift up credence from deathly realms leads man out
Of temptation and into the wiser world.

You shall be enshrined in gold when demise of your earthly
Remains spread out to nourish the earth to bring forth new
Fruit where life shall evolve.
Let the light in your rebirth sing out praise to the moon’s
Glory, forever waiting to reach the highest pinnacle of time’s
Let the light within the heart of man bring out his true self,
And lift up spirits drowning in disease of the mind.

Dream away the cinder blocking your consciousness.
Allow your spirit to be released through the clouds,
So the sun can burst through, giving you wings
To ascend to the highest temple known to man.

For the offering you bring forth shall be the froth
Belonging to the sea when man has sailed across
The loving horizon to deliver himself to the light
Of heaven.

I shall burn of the earth with my flame where
The stronghold shall raise me up out of the ashes,
And rise like the phoenix in the fluidity dripping
Into my soul.

Drown you sorrows in bitter herbs, and cast them out
To the sea.
There, the light shall transcend the negative, and
Transform the darkness into pure energy deriving
From angelic breaths.

Forever belonging to the masses, your credence
Shall be remised in the dance of the heart
Where the young shall remain forever young.

I shall plant poppy seeds into the earth, and
Allow my heart to grow fonder of world
Spread out before my eyes.

Palm trees shall blanket the limbs of the trees
With their fever, and their spirit to electrify
Man’s heart with its beauty.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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