If I Lived In The Setting Of Othello

If I lived in the setting Of Othello,
I’d create Incantation bringing forth
Fat wallets That Can help man to flourish
In the riddles of life’s reward.

If the moon could dance with the ocean,
It would lead me into esoteric dreams
Where their worlds would enlightem

Surging through my veins are the farmers
Fires lunging at those who bring forth
Consort, embalming worldly kings
With their fluid words.

I’ve eaten with the sunrise,
Yet, I’m yet to drink of your soul,
I burning my crescent moon into
You; yet, you holler for your eternal

I turn to you and say, “That shall come
When you shall meet your maker. So,
Don’t bleed me out of my abode.
I only want to help bring rest to a
Land torn up from war.

I shall extinguish the fire burning
Inside your brass spirit,
And cover your sorrow with
Milky rivers to soften the blows.

If the moon were a song,
It would talk about earthly settings
Man abodes in, and deliver up
Conjugal visits to subside all
Wounds to the heart.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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