When Time’s Door Has Opened

I crash upon my winded spirit

Where time is erased from all

My flesh; if only in my dreams

I encompass a Pasteur surrounded

By a milky sky on a cloudy day.

Rain pours down upon my heart

Where I go, I may never know

How it feels to bleed out into the


I magnified by the sunlight sneaking

It’s way out of the sun.

I am closed in the gateways of my

Soul, allowing no pathway to my

Serenity, if only a sagebrush to

Occupy my time with caring for

This livelypl ant engrossed with

My light, where I’m surrounded

By a fire dwelling in the pulse

Where joy is never extinguished.

I cannot ask for a better parade

To bring forth the allowance

When time’s door has opened

Unto me in the realms of dreams.

Seedy visions emerge from unsightly

Seems torn into the fabric of the universe.

Oh my deliverer, bring up out of the earth’s

Womb, and lead me into the whole of which

Time can span my existence for when the days

Are bound to my shadow, as the earth is bound

To heaven.

I savor cinnamon and other spices to perfume

Bodies of the dead.

Crematory is the follicle combed through the

Divide, but I shall conquer all wounds asunder

Unto me.

The desert warns of the shadows lurking about.

For they are the spirits of the damned who

Roam the earth unbound to time and space.

No one comes to listen to them anymore.

For there existence is almost nonexistence

To the many who have erased them from

Their minds.

Mountains make me shiver with fear, as I

Climb to their heights, and look down

To see how far I’ve come.

I sing a new song echoing throughout the

Undecorated land boiling inside this

Inferno of rage.

I shall ignite each day with a song from my

Heart where red roses bleed their nectar,

And the bees can pollinate for the breathing

Children who are left behind to enjoy

Honey from the comb.

They lick their fingers to their heart’s contentment

When all merriment is brought out again,

And live as one in the gallantry of the cold night.

Come sail away with me where we shall find

Treasure enough to fill both our hearts.

Our newly shorn sheep seize each day in

Merriment as children who have found

Their father, dwelling in the caves of


His words are imprinted upon their hearts

Forever.  “Children, lead not you deeds astray.

Find a way to configure your life in the earthly

Vessel you are given at birth, and the Holy One

Above shall offer you your eternal reward in

The sky where heaven’s welcoming light

Shall soothe all you anguish burning in the stars,

Now and forever more, in the name of Creation,

The heavenly hosts, and the greatest force in the

Universe withholding nothing for lack of forethought.

For all thought is congenial is the presses of our feed.

All light is merciful to a wounded heart during times

Of man’s addictions, and his conveyances unto Him.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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