(Transylvania System 3) The Three Of Us Went Under The Table, And Pretended We Were On A Spaceship

“Why don’t we pretend like we’re on the planet Transylvania System 3,” I suggested to my brothers as we ran down the basement stairs.

“What kind of people should we be.  Are we supposed to be vampires who live in space, or are we going to pretend like we’ve encountered vampires in space?”  my brother John inquired while walking over to the table to get some paper and crayons out of his backpack.

He began making props for the planet.  Stanley and I helped him.  I design the red planet by creating the red sun.  I put red pieces of construction paper together and aligned them together on the floor.

My brother Stanley made some pictures of the moon.

“How many moons are you creating, Stanley?  Isn’t there usually one moon instead of the five you’ve made?”  I asked him while looking over his shoulder as he colored them with a gold marker.

“Yes, but in this case there are five moons.  Remember, this is Transylvania System 3.  Gathered around this planet are five moons for the purpose of the story,” he replied as he continued to focus his attention to details on his moons.

John began work on the script.

“John, what kind of script are you writing.  Is it a drama or comedy?”  I asked while taking some notebook paper and a pen.  I pulled up a chair and began writing something myself.

“I’m writing a mixture of both,” he said while crossing out some of the dialogue on his paper, “I want this script to be perfect.”

“I’m going to work on the next scene in the script.  I notice on your paper you are working on scene one.  I’ll work out the details for scene two.  Let’s brainstorm.  How are you coming with the first scene?”  I asked while drawing an outline on my sheet of notebook paper.

“I thought I’d start out with maybe a fire taking place in the sky caused by a space shuttle launched into space by the people of earth.  I think I’ll have the people of Transylvania capture the earth people when they land on the moon, north of Transylvania System 3.  Then, I’ll have surrounding ships gather on that moon, etc… You can use your imagination to figure things out from there.

“But I need to know more details than that about your script if I’m going to work on scene two,” I sighed while tapping my pencil on the table with the end of the erasure.

“I’ve got some of the props almost done.  How are you coming with the script, John?  Should I start taping the moons to the ceiling or should I tape them to the walls?  I need to know what to do before I make a decision on the rest of the props,” Stanley said while tossing the props of the moons on the floor and rushing over to where John sat at the table, and looked over his shoulder.

“I can’t get any work done with the two of you pestering me.  Instead of asking me how I’m coming with scene one of the play, Stanley, why don’t you do something about making some costumes,” John suggested while he continued to focus on writing the script.

“Why don’t we start acting out some of the scenes?  Then, we can write down everything we do.  My teacher says most writers write what they are knowledgeable of.  They include their own experiences into the story, in addition to incorporating their own experiences,” I suggested while running into the kitchen of the basement and taking the broom.

Bringing the broom back into the play room, I advised my brothers, “We should use this broom as a weapon against the monsters or creatures on the planet Transylvania System 3.  By the way, John, would the creatures on that planet be knowledgeable in computers?  With a name like that for a planet, I would think they would be highly advanced in technology.”

“That’s a good idea.  I’m going to include those suggestions into the script.  Maybe they could have laser eyes like superman.  They might even be a possible enemy of the planet Krypton.  But then, we’d have to incorporate the characters of Jor El, Ursa, and General Zod into the story, as well,” he sighed while erasing some more of his notes while reworking the story.

“Maybe we should stick with the basic stuff.  We don’t want to get the superhero themes involved, or at least some of the characters involved from other movies or comic books.  But we could write about mind control.  Why don’t you write about machines the creatures have for controlling the minds of the humans.  They may even take over the earth,” I said excitedly, as I got up from my seat and jumped up and down while clapping my hands.

“I’m almost done with the first scene of the script.  Let me read what I’ve got written so far.  In a far away planet is the land called Transylvania System 3.  It’s a planet made up of vampires who use technology to control the minds of humans when trying to take over the galaxy.”

“Johnny, let’s act some of it out like Kiki suggested.  It will help us come up with more stuff to write about, “Stanley suggested while leaning on his hands with his elbows planted on top of the table, “I’m getting bored waiting for you to finish writing the script.  Let’s use the table for a space ship.  I’ve already got the pictures taped to the walls of the red planet, and the five moons.”

“Okay.  We’ll act out the rest.  But we’ll operate on instinct.  Every so many minutes, we’ll stop acting out the play, and write the scenes as we go,” John said while running into the laundry room, gathering some blankets.  He covered the table where the blankets would drape over them.

The three of us went under the table and pretended we were on a space ship.

I pretended like I was operating the controls of the ship.

“Oh no.  The emergency light is on.  Turn on the screen to see what’s going on outside of the ship, John,” I suggested while I operated the make believe controls.

“Look.  We’re being invaded by flying vampires.  They’re outside attacking the ship.  Do you feel our ship shaking?  It feels like there’s an earthquake,” John shouted while trying to gain control of the ship.

“That’s no earthquake, Johnny.  We’re being attacked.  The vampires are shaking the ship with their hands and bodies.  They’ve made themselves gigantic.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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