(The Mild And The Meek) Rising From My Bed

“The mild and the meek suffer at the gates of Hades as the winds of scorn gobble up lost souls on their way to receive vindication.  Although they have received remission for their sins, they are captured by their own anxiety,” I said to Stone Walker, as I continued to study the pictorials on the cave walls.

“No need to fret over something happening over many ages ago.  There’s nothing we can do to change the past.  What we need to concern ourselves with is why we are here.  I told you before there is as reason for you coming to this realm through your dreams at night, Kiki.  We must figure out what your purpose is here.  Come on,” He said as he walked a few steps ahead of me in the cave.

We came to a spot where cascaded down the rocks.  I stepped into it to feels the warmth of its essence.  As I delved deeper into its essence, I was surrounded by an energy encompassing me with an inner fire I’d never felt before.  Images of war and battle were put into my head.  A tower arose out of the golden waters.  I walked up to it.  Stone Walker followed me,  Just as we entered the tower, I faded out of my dreamscape, and was brought back into my awakened state.

Upon awakening from the dream, I rubbed my eyes with the palms of my hands.  While trying to rub the sleep away from my eyes, I opened them, and stared up at the ceiling for a while, lost in my thoughts.

I then looked around my bedroom where I was surrounded by wall to wall of dolls I collected over the course of the year.

Rising from my bed, I walked up to my dresser, and pulled out some clean clothes.  Changing out of my pajamas, I picked up one of my dolls from on top of my dresser, and examined it carefully.  It was a Barbie doll dressed in clothes from Colonial times.  I thought about what it would have been like to be Betsy Ross, and the honor bestowed upon her when she was asked to create the very first American flag.

“How is it someone so insignificant prior to being asked to make the flag could become such a significant figure in American history.  She was a simple woman who lived a simple life.  If only I could do something just as honorable and glorious where I’d be remembered for my deeds long after I’m gone from this world.  Oh well.  I’m a long ways away from anything like that,” I muttered to myself as I put the doll back on top of the dresser.

I walked around my bed to the other side of the room, put on my boots, gathered my coat, gloves, scarf and hat, and headed downstairs into the living room.

My grandmother sat on the floor sorting family photographs when I told her, “I’m going out for awhile.  Do you want me to pick up some pastries from the bakery downtown?”  I asked while adjusting the scarf around my mouth, and putting on my gloves.

“Yeah.  That’s sounds good.  I’d like a piece of carrot cake,” she replied while she took some photos out of her container and inserted them into her album.

“I be back in a little while,” I said, and headed out the door.

The air was brisk.  It stung the flesh of my cheeks even if I did have my scarf.  I was overwhelmed by the power of the cold as snow blew into my eyes.  However, I was determined to go on my walk anyway.

While walking, I thought about my series of dreams I’ve had over the course of the month where I was constantly meeting up with Stone Walker.  Was he real, or did I only imagine him, and he came into my dreams.  Is it really possible to bring people into my dreams by just wishing?  Only in the movies can something like that every happen, such as the movie A Nightmare On Elm Street:  Dream Warriors, where the lead character in the story could bring others into her dreams just by wishing.  I don’t know if the circumstances are the same.  But is it really possible to do that.  Then again, I didn’t know Stone Walker prior to meeting up with him in my dreams.  Now, he’s always there.  A good man, real or not.  I thought to myself as I continued on my walk.

Picking up some speed with my walking, I passed by the old police station.  I thought about the class trip I took with my 4th grade class where we were taken on a grand tour of the police station.  Many of the students wondered if criminals were as vicious as they were on television and in the movies.  The officer taking us on the tour at the time told us they are sometimes like that, and much worse.

After staring at the police station for a long while, I headed across the street, and ran the rest of the way towards town.

Upon arriving to the bakery, my face was flushed even with the scarf covering my face.

I walked up to the counter, and gave my order.  “I’d like one piece of carrot cake, and some of this Monkey Bread you have here on the counter.”

“Will there be anything else?”  The clerk asked while she assembled my order.

“I’d like a cup of coffee.  By the way, those pastries I ordered are to go.  I’d also like a piece of the vanilla cake.  But I’m going to have it here with the cup of coffee,” I said while removing my gloves, and putting them into my pockets.

As I sat in the bakery eating my pastry and drinking my hot cup of coffee, I thought about what I said to Stone Walker about the mild and the meek.  We are all mild and meek when we are born.  However, as we get older, we are exposed to the world.  Some lose their way, while others fight to get back on course.  Some make it back on course, while others just continue down the wrong path in life.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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