(Habits) For The Past Several Months, I’ve Created A Habit Of Writing Daily

For the past several months, I’ve created a habit of writing everyday.  I’d say, for me, it’s about having something to look forward to everyday, because I’m passion about writing.  So, a piece of advice for those starting out is to make sure they are passionate about writing.  Test the waters to make sure writing is something they really love to do.  As Mr. Jeff Goins says, one should not do something seeming like drudgery.  It’s important to love whatever one wishes to pursue.  Make sure it’s challenging enough, but not so challenging it feels like drudge work.  This is some advice I took away from Mr. Jeff Goins Art of Work Course.

I would also suggest folks interested in pursuing writing read Mr. Jeff Goins book The Art Of Work.  I personally found it most helpful.  In it, he talks about choosing three skills one is interested in learning, and put them into practice everyday, so he or she can master them.  As for myself, I elected to pursue the writing craft, learning Spanish, and studying algebra.

As of now, I’ve gone from writing 500+ words daily to writing 900+ words daily.  In my Spanish studies on the Duolingo.com site, I’ve become 48% fluent in the language.  With my habit of studying algebra on a daily basis on the KhanAcademy.com site, I’ve completed 18 skills so far.  Of those 18 skill I’ve completed, I’ve mastered 16 of them.

Persistence, determination, and passion are they key elements to my success.  One has to be determined to learn writing or whatever skill it is one wishes to pursue.  Persistence, means it takes lots of dedication and practice.  Many times it means giving up the outing with family members or friends.  Or it could mean giving up one’s favorite television shows.

Prioritizing is also important.  It’s important to budget one’s time.  Block out some time each day for writing, even if it’s only fifteen minutes a day.  At least one would be accomplishing some writing each day through daily practice.  Mr. Jeff Goins says, start out with writing 300 words daily, working one’s way up to writing 500 words daily, and then set the goal higher once the 500 words daily has been mastered.

Keep pushing one’s self.  I push myself each day when it comes to accomplishing writing.  Many times I immerse myself into the given piece of writing I happen to be composing.  Through doing so, I lose myself in the writing, and I become involved in what’s going on in the lives of the characters I write about regardless if I’m writing fiction or nonfiction.  I enjoy what I’m doing.  I love to get inside not only the heads of the characters I write about, but I get in their very core, their entire being to become the character for a brief moment in time.  In doing so, I enable my reading audience to literally become the characters they read about through enabling them to get inside the very core of the given character(s) I write about.  I enable my reading audience to participate in the overall experience or event I write about.

It’s important to bring the worlds one writes about to life through the written and spoken word.  Use words to create pictures.  Prose within a given piece of writing is crucial to writing a well written piece of writing.  Describe people places and things in vivid details.  Doing so enables one to create beautiful colors with the written and spoken word, as well.

It’s important for a writer to care about the characters he or she writes about.  In doing so, the reading audience will care about them, because the writer’s passion for writing will shine through.

It’s also crucial for the writer to put him or herself into the given piece of writing, so he or she may establish an emotional connection with one’s reading audience.

All these things I’ve mentioned are crucial to writing a well written piece of literature.

A writer should inform and education the reading audience in addition to entertaining them.  For it is the writer who teaches about life, as to the way the world works through his or her eyes.

In a given piece of writing whether it’s is fiction of nonfiction, there must be conflict within the story.  What is the obstacle the main character in the story faces?  What is the character striving to achieve?  Also, it’s important for the reading public to the a good feel for the character.  However, it is first important for the writer to get a good feel of the characters he or she writes about.

A good writer lets ideas flow without worrying if a given piece is good or bad.  Starting out by writing whatever thoughts flow through one’s mind is a good place to begin, for writers who are new to the writing craft.  Writing whatever comes to ones mind is a good exercise to practice everyday as a means of exercise one mind.  It helps not only to get the thought process going, but it allows ideas to enter the writer’s mind more freely.

Having the courage to try is also key.  In his book, The Art Of Work, Mr. Jeff Goins talks about how important it is for one to overcome fear of failure.  So be fearless when writing.  Don’t worry if the writing is good or bad.  Don’t worry about what others will think of the writing or one’s self.  Don’t worry about breaking rules.  Even if it’s a controversial piece of writing, it’s still good.  Remember, the controversial pieces of writing also get people talking.  As long as one gets people talking about what he or she writes, nothing else matters.  It means one has impacted others regardless if the impact is positive or negative.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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