(I’m A Roadblock) I Said, While Examining The Pictorials On The Walls Of The Cave

“I’m a roadblock,” I said to Stone Walker, while I continued to examine the pictorials on the walls of the caves.

“Why do say that.  You understood a few of the pictorials, and done a great job explaining them,” he said while rubbing his fingers against the pictorial of the woman offering her child up to the Lord, “It definitely must have been a difficult decision for the woman to make.  She had to choose between saving her people, or risk being destroyed, along with everyone else.  Most likely, the child would have ascended into Heaven’s gates, anyway, however said it is,” and wiped away a teardrop from his eye with his free hand.

“I don’t understand why the Lord would have put the woman in a difficult situation.  She must have been someone of royal blood, or of nobility.  Still, it wasn’t fair what he did by making her give up her only child as an offering to him.  What kind of God is God when he can do such cruel things.  God is supposed to be all loving and merciful?  Why would he have allowed destruction to come upon the people in the first place?  Why would a life have to be offered up to him to redeem the lives of the people in the land?”  I shrieked as I continued to wipe away the tears from my eyes with my hands.

I was about to smack the cave walls with my hands when Mr. Stone Walker stopped me from doing so, “No!  You mustn’t do that.  This is a sacred place.  You can’t take out your anger and frustrations here.  Please be careful.  You need to be mindful of you emotions and your temper however just you may think it is.”

On the other side of the cave were other pictorials.  The first one was of a large group of soldiers carrying spears, and hurling them at the enemy soldiers.  The second pictorial depicted a death scene of multiple men piled upon each other in a mass grave.  Above them was an image of the Lords gigantic hands delving down into the pit of the grave and scooping them up.

Next to this pictorial was a pictorial containing ascension of the dead into Heaven.  There were clouds surrounded by golden vibrant light.  I had mixed feelings about the scenario.  In some way, it was uplifting, and in another way, it was raw and gut wrenching.  I was glad for the men to be brought into the Kingdom of Heaven and dwell with the Lord, but on the other hand, I was saddened by the way they had to die.

“Mr. Stone Walker, why would their have to be destruction of a people?  What were they fighting for?  Why did they destroy each other with each side sending the other into death?”  I asked while gazing into Mr. Stone Walkers teary eyes.

“Young lady, the Lord has his reasons for what he does.  As to what both sides were fighting for, I believe your question can be answered in the pictorials to the left of the death scene.  It looks to be they were fighting over the Queen of the World.  Both sides wanted her for their Queen, but the one side wanted full control over her and over every decision she was to make.  They wanted her for their puppet, while the opposing side honored and respected their Queen.  They loved her and would even give their lives for her.  Those who perished were those who loved the Queen.  Of the surviving solders on who fought on the side of the Queen, they put all of the dead in a mass grave, because they bodies were so mangled by war, it was impossible to tell what side fought for what or who.  When it came down to it, they were all people,” Mr. Stone Walker said as he put his hand upon my shoulder, while intently studying the pictorials on the cave wall.

“But I still don’t understand why the Queen had to offer up her only child to the Lord so she may save her people.  Many of her soldiers ended up dying anyway.  Why give the live of an innocent child?  What did doing so accomplish in the end?”  I yelled while smacking my hands against the sides of my legs.

“To the far right is a group of pictorials depicting the Queen’s anguish over her decision.  She didn’t take things lightly when it came to the notion of saving her people through offering up her child to the Lord.  However, based on the pictorials, her child would become King one day, had it survived.  There was negative energy in the atmosphere.  Something inside the Queen didn’t feel right.  She was distressed over the safety of the child in the long run.  She felt it would be safer in the arms of the Lord than to allow it to live and be influenced by the corruption in the world.  It was prophesized she would be killed by her only child, her only son for the sake of the throne.  He would have enslaved many of the people of the world for his own selfish gain,” Mr. Stone Walker said sternly, and patted me on the shoulder with his hand, “Take heart in the decision of the Queen.  She did what was best for the greater good.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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