(Living On An Avenue Of Fire) Coasting Along Waters Of Revenge, I Danced With The Heart Of A Lion

Coasting along the waters of revenge, I danced with the heart of a lion.  As the fires in the whirlpool festered up to my chin, I wobbled down the shore.  My heart leapt at the sight of a familiar face.  It was my good friend Mr. Stone Walker.

I ran up to him, put my arms around him, and said, “Mr. Stone Walker, I sure am glad to see you.”

“Another adventure for us to embark on, my dear.  You were carried into this realm again for a reason.  I’m not sure what the reason is, but we’ll find out together, my dear,” he said as he embraced me, and took me by the hand.

We walked on the hot coals.  All though they stung the flesh a bit, our feet didn’t burn.  It was as if there were some magic powers held within them.  Golden rays of light emitted from them with every step we took.  The light protected us from the surrounding fires.

We were lead back to the cave.  Wandering into it, we each took a torch from its walls, and walked along further into the darkest, deepest part.  There was a red light pulsating.

It shot out sparks at us when we approached it, but it didn’t harm us.  It was only trying to protect itself.  “Stop.  Who goes there?”  It asked in a deep echoing voice.

“My name is Kiki.  I dream my way into this world.  I don’t know why my dreams carry me back to this place frequently.  All I know is there has to be some sort of purpose for me to be here.  There is just something about it.  I’m not sure what task I’m supposed to do, if I am to do any at all,” I replied while clinging to Mr. Stone Walkers hand, burying my face in his hairy arm.

“I’m Stone Walker.  I live in these parts of the world.  I’m a desert walker.  I stumbled unto the shore when I encountered this young lady.  She is a good friend of mine.  We met some time back.  Somehow, our destiny’s our intertwined.  Can you tell us anything about it.  Do you know our purpose for coming to this cave.  Something within just seems to tug us along, and lead us back here,” he said while clinging to the torch which rested on against the stone hinge of the cave.

“I see.  Well, my friends.  I can only tell you the answers you seek in the form of a riddle, as I was instructed to do.  Every lion has it’s heart.  Even the sallowest of creatures must be sung along to be invited to partake of the slightest hint of sunlight.  The rivers dance where two roads meet, but all the songs rest in the same place,” the red pulsating beam of light replied while glowing brighter and brighter by the minute.

“I’m not sure what all you said means.  But I’ll be thinking about it carefully.  I know it has something to do with Mr. Stone Walker and myself.  And it has something to do with why we are here.  I can’t figure out the rest, though.  Are you sure you can be more clear as to why we are here.  Why we were lead here?”  I pleaded while gazing directly into the light to see if I could see if the red light had a face.  However, it only continued to pulsate with emotion.

“I cannot relay to you anything more.  All the details have been accounted for.  It is up to the two of you to figure out the clues I’ve given you in the riddle.  Now go, the both of you.  You must be on your way,” it said sternly, as this spirit within the light faded away, and the red light disappeared.

“I think the lion’s heart has something to do with our passion and desire to find life’s answers to all the questions in the Universe.  Young lady, lets go further back into the cave where the pictorials are.  You remember, the ones we saw when we were here last,” Stone Walker suggested as he gently tugged me away from the spot where I stood.

On our walk along the cave, there were hieroglyphics on either sides of the cave.  They looked to be Egyptian, but I couldn’t be sure.  The first one was a pictorial of a man and a woman examining a black box of some sort.  The next pictorial was of the woman handing it over to a king.  It looked to be an offering of some sort.  The third pictorial was of a mother over looking a tiny crib containing an infant.  In the fourth pictorial, the woman held the infant with her arms outstretched as if to present him to the Lord to praise in all his glory.  Or perhaps the child was to receive a special honor from the Lord.

I touched the next pictorial of the Lord reaching down his hands from Heaven, and grasping hold of the child, who was then elevated up into the gates of Heaven.

In the next pictorial was a dove fly over the women with an olive branch.  The pictorial next to it was of complete surrender of a nation to the feet of the woman who brought peace to the world through offering up to the Lord her only son, as a means of appeasing all the anguish of the world.

“Wow.  The poor woman.  She must really had to weigh her options carefully.  I wonder if she thought of the child often which she gave up to the Lord in exchange for peace throughout the world,” I cried while wiping away my tears with my hand.  I cleansed my face with their salty waters as the darkness continued to dance before my eyes in the hours of grief over the woman’s loss.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou,, 2015


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