Harboring Lost Thoughts

The doormat brings with it it’s own excuses

For harboring lost thoughts

Of my vengeance.

Forever embraced by the hallow deeds

Of raspberries filled with scornful melodies

Inside their core, their bitterness stings

My tongue with a sourness overcome

By vicious melodies bombarding my

Mind so listlessly.

I’m melting in the sun so filled with

It’s buttery decree.

I’m left dancing outside like a mundane

Archer taking aim against vicious levities

Of the outright political game.

I’m embalmed with the crucifix burning

My flesh with starved convictions.

I’m famished by the powers withholding me

And feeding me to the hungry sharks

Swarming around my cage.

I’m lost in a watery grave

Where only the sadistic survive

The maze of the harpoon.

Dying carp freeze in the ice.

I’m withholding my heart

Until tomorrows spring.

For I’ve learned to dance in the snow

When the burrow brings forth it’s own song.

Let the rich melodies pour out of your

Grave, and bring me into the hourly tides.

I’m ever floating across the lake of your


Allow me to bring my party hats, so I can

Topple over you mind with the fruitfulness

Of lush shrubbery with all their essence.

I’m driven by the fires burning up my soul

With evergreens throbbing against my heart.

For they bleed out the grail pouring forth

Unto you, my friend.

If only you’ll learn to hobble once you’ve

Been stung on the foot by a bee.

I create my own task master.

For it is none other than me.

I’m left standing there holding your

Heart on a pole.

I’m ready to consume the vilest taste

Of your herbs, if only you’ll sedate me

So I no longer have to feel the pain

Of your leaving me behind.

I’m drifting in the foulest pools

Of consciousness when the melody

Stops breathing.

I’m the delft parted across the sea

Of the fires.

I long to be cast aside by the nets

Holding me prisoner to the night,

But the song they choose to play

Is the feverish hours of the stars

Blinking their light into my eyes.

I’m gone overboard, because I lost

My grip on life.

I’m sailing across the sea with no one

To guide me to you.

How can I bring for the misery unto

You when you’ve left me nothing but

The hollow log I sleep in on a cold night.

The waters thirst for survival in the grave

Of your rite, but I’m left winded after

Trying to tread on water for so long a tide.

I’m sifted by the breathing fire coming

From your nostrils when the harpoons

Engage themselves in the shark meat

Ready to be pounced upon.

I’m the grave holding myself prisoner

To you.

For I know nothing else better than

To sing of the wisest miser ever created

By the Creator himself.

I’m strong, but I’m fragile all

At the same time.

Help these seeds grow you left

Planted in my heart.

For they torture me at night with

Their bite.

I’m helpless in the darkness when

Striving to breath in wicked breaths

Of fire.

Every time the rain goes away,

You take a piece of my sight with you.

Each day passing by me, I’m overcome

With the hunger to seize your wild heart,

And devour it’s passion with my tired spirit.

Bring me back into the lion’s den

So my song will continue to be heard.

Let me be the one who lets you into the

Coasting plight of this miracle dancing

Before us.

For the captor is none of than the waves

Crashing upon our heads when disease

Of the soul echoes on in the realms of the dead.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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