Dominica’s Night Of Boredom

Dominica sat at her desk reading about the fundamentals of playwriting, when her roommate Elise entered the room.

“What a day, what a day,” she said while grasping her basket of clean laundry in her arms, “That exchange student Arthur is the most obnoxious human being I’ve ever come across, Dominica,” and she set the laundry basket down on her bed.

Dominica closed her book, turned around in her chair, and replied, “What do you mean.  Who is this guy, anyway?  I’ve heard so much about him from you before, but you never told me what he’s all about.”

“I’ve always told you how annoying he is.  But today, that idiot irritated more than ever.  He told me women here in the United States have too many freedoms.  Can you believe that?”  Elise shouted while shrugging her shoulders with her hands opened.  Smacking the sides of her legs, she headed over to her dresser, and opened one of the drawers.  She then walked over to her bed to collect a few articles of clothing into her arms, headed over to the dresser, and inserted them into the top drawer.

“What does he mean by that?  I’d like to meet the guy face to face.  I’ll knock him out.  Just wait and see.  If he ever says anything like that to me, I’ll knock him to the floor.  He’ll be begging for mercy,” Dominica assured Elise.  Getting up from her chair, Dominica approached Elise, and asked, “Can I help you put some of the clothes away?”

“Thank you, Dominica, but I can manage.  I want to hurry so I can get ready to go out tonight.  Jordan is picking me up in an hour.  If I scurry about, I can put my clothes away, take my shower, and be out of here in time to meet him in the lobby,” Elise replied while going back and forth from her bed to the dresser, shoving the clothes into her dresser drawers.

“Oh.  Okay, no problem.  I’ve got some reading material to catch up on.  So it will give me some peace and quiet, allowing me to get some work done,” Dominica sighed while heading back to her desk, where she pulled out her chair, sat down, and opened up her textbook she was reading moments earlier.

“What’s going on with you and Ollie?  After the triple date, you always seem to be stuck here studying on the weekends, instead of going out and having some fun,” Elise inquired while she gathered her basket of essentials she needed for her shower.

“It wasn’t anything serious.  I guess we didn’t have as much in common as we thought.  Anyway, I really don’t have time for going out and having fun.  As I’ve said moments earlier, I’ve got tons of work to do,” Dominica replied while focusing intently on her reading materials.

“I don’t understand.  You two seemed to hit it off great at the party.  And when Jordan and I accompanied the two of you, along with Teresa and her boyfriend to the play, things seemed to be going great.  What’s happened since then, Dominica?”  Elise said as she put on her slippers.

“Not much.  We just weren’t each other’s type, that’s all.”

“You should go out and meet different people.  Why don’t you get involved with the dorm community more than you do.  Believe me when I say you’d be much happier if you did, instead of staying in on the weekends and reading all of the time.  I read my textbooks and do my other class work during the week, so I’d have my weekends free to socialize and date,” Elise said bluntly while she headed out the door and walked toward the bathroom.

“What a bitch,” Dominica muttered to herself, while taking a deep breath in disgust.

Dominica was just about to turn on the television to relax a bit when Teresa walked into the room.  “Dominica, is Elise in?  I really need to talk to her.”

“I’m sorry Teresa, but Elise is in the bathroom taking her shower.  She’ll be leaving afterward to go meet Jordan in the lobby.  They have a date tonight.  But if you want me to give her a message, I’ll be more than glad to,” Dominica sighed while flipping through the channels to find a descent television show on.

“No, but thanks anyway.  I’ll talk to her at some later point in time,” Teresa sighed, and walked out the door.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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