(What Motivates Me?) I’m Motivated By My Passions For Writing, Learning Spanish, And Learning Algebra Each Day

What motivates me?  I’m motivated by my passions for writing, learning Spanish, and learning algebra each day.  I love to start my day by writing a new writing composition, even if I’m not sure what the topic will be about.  I often surprise myself with what the topic will be about when I’m spontaneous.  However, I also like to google writing prompts to get a few ideas.

Many of the writing prompts have been most helpful to me when selecting a topic to write about.  I completed a novella not to long ago through the help of writing prompts.  I recently submitted it a professional to have it copyedited and proofread.  Now, it’s all set to go.  It’s just a matter of deciding if I want to self-publish it, or select a more traditional means of doing so.

I’m also working on other writing projects, such as multiple novels, short story collections of fiction and nonfiction, and a collective work of poetry.  I love to multitask, because it makes my day more interesting.  It’s rewarding to complete a new story each day.

Through participating on Duolingo.com, I study Spanish on a daily basis.  My goal is to become professionally proficient in the language.  According to what I’ve achieved on the site, I’m now 48% fluent in the language.  The skill will come in handy to my writing craft, because I will be enabled to do translations.  I could even write my stories, plays, and poetry in the Spanish language.  I’ve written little skits in the language so far, to obtain some more practice with the language.  Doing so helps me to retain the language, through applying what I’ve learned.

Perhaps I could also get a job someday as a translator or interpreter.  Maybe I could even translate documents for major companies.  However, this is a dream for now.  The possibilities are endless.

I started studying algebra recently on KhanAcademy.com.  During my college years on back, I struggled with the subject.  Therefore, I hated algebra and anything pertaining to mathematics.  However, through learning with the help of the site, I find I’m absorbing the fundamentals of the subject more effectively.  My mind opens up more and more each day, during my hours of practice with the subject.  I’ve gone from hating algebra and every form of mathematics, to loving it.  Algebra has become one of my biggest passions, even though it’s challenging.  However, I work at it, and gut it out through practicing for at least three hours a day, until I understand the lesson I happen to be working on.  I enjoy the learning.  So far, algebra has been an exciting adventure.

Writing everyday, learning Spanish, and learning algebra is challenging, but I believe a person gets out of something whatever he or she puts into it.  I’ve certainly have gotten a lot out of all three areas of study.  I’m getting stronger in them every day, the more I practice.  In addition to challenging me, they bring such joy to my life.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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