The Martians Invade American Colonies

After dinner, the children gathered around Grandpa Brim’s rocking chair for story hour.  Grandpa sat in his rocker drinking his tea.

Little Swoozy stretched her arms, Jobe sat at attention anxiously awaiting for Grandpa to talk, while Jules, Cinnamon and Chappie kept pinching each other, because they were restless.

“Now stop that, children.  I want you to pay close attention to the story I’m going to tell.  It’s a true story.  So, you might want to take some mental notes for future reference to pass onto your own children and grandchildren someday about what happened back in 2175,” Grandpa said as he tapped his cane on the wooden floor to get their attention.

A few years ago, American colonists on Mars revolted against the Americans from Earth.

Mars used up all their own resources.  The planet was dying.  They sought help from planet Earth.  The American colonists were glad to supply them with food and water, and whatever other supplies and resources were needed.

Through installing a special machine invented by Thomas Jefferson, descendent of the President, water could be created by will.

In exchange for their services, the American colonists wanted land on Mars.

Political leaders met from both planets on Mars to negotiate the terms.

Dr. Lightening, a senator from Mars, began speaking to the group.  “I don’t know that we should give up any of our land.  Is it really wise for us to integrate our planet, Ladies and Gentlemen?”

“We need the resources the Earthlings are supplying.  Under such circumstances, it’s the only way to avoid all out war between the two planets.  We need water and agriculture.  Mr. Thomas Jefferson has already agreed to help us irrigate our planet.  His machine has proven effective in the small region of Talibot on our planet,” Mr. Stargate, the Royal Authority, replied while clearing his throat, and waving in his assistant to approach the podium.

His assistant has the floor.  “Good evening, my fellow councilmen and councilwomen.  I have here in my hands the constitution of this planet.  In it, it stipulates under no circumstances is any of our land to be sold.  To sell it would be in violation of Clause #3, The Power Of The People Amendment.  In my other hand, I have the Crow Fender Deal, which states that under threat of take over of Mars, we have the right to retaliate.  The citizens of Mars have the right to take up arms, and defend their land.  That is all.  Thank you for your attention,” Mrs. Starbright said as she stepped down from the podium, and exited the conference hall.

Thomas Jefferson stood up to speak.  “My fellow members of this council, no one of my fellow planetmen has declared all out war on Mars.  We posed no threat.  However, we want a fair exchange in return for supplying water to your planet.  If you do not comply, then I shall remove my machine from this planet.  I’m sorry, but this is the way it’s got to be.  We councilmen of Earth shall not give something for nothing in return.”

“Then Mars shall declare all out war on Earth if you do take the machine away from us,” The Royal Authority blurted out, while banging his gabble on the podium.

Thomas Jefferson and his men snuck into the region of Talibot, dismantled the machine, and loaded the parts onto their spaceship in the middle of the night.

While they headed back to Earth, a red alert sounded on Mars.  The Royal Authority invaded Earth, taking over 20 regions of the United States, enslaving several towns to due the Martians’ biddings.

Many Earthlings, including Thomas Jefferson, were forcefully taken to Mars to not only irrigate the land, but to bring back agriculture.  Therefore, Grandpa Brim and his descendents have been living on Mars ever since.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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