Flash-Fiction: Day 214: (Forests And Trees) To Beat Them Or Join Them

Standing in my driveway, while helping my grandmother into the car, I look down at my feet to see a little tiny ant crawling nearby.  He goes in circles, unsure of himself, in a state of confusion.  Fear is in his heart, because at any moment he can get squashed or stepped upon.

Finally, he sees an opening.  He takes it, turning left, then right, meeting up with three more ants.

“Hi, Harvey, Trill, and Wendell,” he says through his antennas.

“Hi, Milton,” they reply in unison.

Gazing down at them, I imagine a conversation going on between them while they’re on their journey to find food and carry it home to their families.

“Tell me, folks, what would the world be like if there were no humans.  I know I’d feel much safer.  We’d be able to travel where we wanted to go without the threat of getting squashed on,” Milton says while moving towards the direction of a piece of strawberry wafer cookie on the cement driveway.  He grabs a hold of it and tugs it along.

“Allow us to help you, my friend,” Harvey says, while he and the others approach Milton, grab hold of the piece of strawberry wafer cookie, and assist him in carry it.

“This will make a fitting snack for our tribe.  But I don’t know it will be enough to sustain us.  Let’s take it back home, and share it with everyone.  Then, we can go out again, to find some more food humans might have dropped unto the ground.  Perhaps we can find something in the grass,” Harvey suggested.

“The humans living on this property rarely go unto the grass, especially with food.  They mostly stick to walking on the cement driveway.  That’s where they’re more likely to drop food.  I say we’re lucky to have what we’ve got,” Trill said, while he and the others hull the piece of cookie to their destination.

While they move in one direction, there are other ants on the other side of the driveway, on the hunt for food.  There is a potato chip near the grass.  They notice it, and head towards the direction where it lays on the ground.  It’s a long journey from where there are, as they exit the grassy area and march forward to retrieve the potato chip.

Another ant approaches the potato chip before they are able to make it across the way and retrieve it.  He snatches up the potato chip, and heads into the grassy area to hide from the others.

When they finally do make it across, their antennas twitch, picking up signals coming from the direction where the other ant lye down the potato chip and begun nibbling on it.

The group of ants take hold of the potato chip, and start nibbling on it, as well.

A power struggle takes place.  The single ant tugs on the potato chip to take it away from the group of ants, but it’s no use.  They overpower him.  He is alone in the fight, and realizes he must either share with them or starve.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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