(Fever Pitch) I’m Lost In The Realms Of Dreams

Fever pitch rises in the mid hours of night, when darkness consumes the earth, and spiritual beings envelope themselves between worlds.  I’m lost to the realms of dreams, slipping in and out of consciousness.  Upon being carried away into harsh lands, I come across a man in the desert who is smoking a bongo.  I stopped to talk with him upon introducing myself.  “Hello, sir.  My name is Kiki.  What’s yours?”

He looks up at me with his piercing eyes, and whispers, “Stone Walker.  I live in this realm of the dead where only the spirits of the lost roam.  How did you come to be here?  I’ve never seen you in these parts before.”

“I’m not sure, sir.  All I know is I went to bed and woke up here.  The reality of the matter is I dream my way into this world without trying nor meaning to.  I can’t control where my dreams carry me off to at night when I sleep,” I sighed, and sat down next to him with my legs crossed.

“Well.  This is all for me,” he says while getting up from where he sat, and tucked his bongo away inside his carrying case.  Walking a ways away from me, he turned around, smiling, and asked, “Young lady, would you like to join me on my journey.  I have to go further into the deepest depths of this realm, but I don’t feel right leaving you here by yourself.’

“Sure, I’ll join you.  It will be an adventure for me.

Walking further along, he picks up a long, thin piece of wood, and uses it as his walking stick.  “I made this myself when I was in the realm of the cherry trees.  So, this is made out of cherry wood.  The finest wood there is.”

“I’m familiar with cherry wood.  Where I’m originally from, my family has some furniture made from it.  It’s so very beautiful in color,” I smiled while kicking the desert sand with my feet when walking.

Dark clouds came overhead.  A storm was brewing.  Fire shot down from the sky two feet in front of us.

Mr. Stone Walker grabbed my by the hand, and we ran to safety.

With the power of my mind, I made a cave appear where we took shelter.

Walking inside the cave, I noticed some hieroglyphics on the walls.  They were the most beautiful pictographs I had ever seen.  I could almost make out what they said, but not quite.

Noticing me staring at them, Mr. Stone Walker, read the aloud to me, “Ancient moons ago, there were seven stars that fell from the sky.  A man, a woman, their three daughters and four sons.  They were the first beings to live in this realm.  One day, a fire storm came and wiped them out.  The woman who predicted these incidents was the child of the sky who lived in the northern star.  She dwelled some where else in the galaxy.”

“Wow.  You can read this type of writing with no trouble at all.  But I don’t understand how these pictographs came to be here.  How did the woman write them if she lives in another part of the galaxy?” I asked while rubbing my fingers against the pictograph of the fire, tracing the outer lines of it.

“That’s a mystery I’ll never know.  I’m going to consider it a miracle brought about by the higher power himself.  Come on.  We have great territory to cover,” he said as he took me by the hand.

Walking further along, we came to an area where the walls were aligned with gold.

I broke from the hold he had on my hand, and ran over to the walls to touch.

He shouted, “No!  Don’t touch any of that.  It could be something sacred in this cave, with severe consequences to those who put their hands upon them.  It’s best to look on with admiration, and not touch,” and he pulled me away from there.

“We can’t just stay here.  Didn’t you tell me earlier you were headed into the deepest realms?  Maybe these walls are the way to get there,” I suggested while looking up and the crescent moon painted on the ceiling of the cave.

“Not this way, young lady.  I know a sacred place when I see it.  And this is definitely no way to get to the deepest realms.  We need to show respect to anything holistic.  I believe this place was put here for a reason.  What the reason is, I don’t know.  But it’s not up to you nor me to figure it out.  Some things are just unexplained.  That’s all.  Just know they were put here for a reason,” he said while taking me by the hand, and walking back to the direction we came.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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