If I Could Have A Superpower, It Would Be To Travel Back In Time With The Click of My Tongue

If I could have a superpower, it would be to make something out of nothing with just a click of my tongue.  If something were broken, I would be able to fix it instantly.

I remember back when I was in middle school, the cover from my father’s VCR was on the floor.  He was the one who carelessly left it there.

I was walking into the living room, and didn’t notice it on the floor.  I stepped on it, slid, and fell on top of it, cracking it in the center.  At the time, I wished I had some superpowers like Samantha Stevens on the show Bewitched or like Jeannie on the show I Dream Of Jeannie.  In doing so, I’d be able to repair the VCR cover instantly.  I wouldn’t have to worry about get a beating from my father for breaking it, especially when it was his fault it was on the floor in the first place.  He was the one who carelessly left it on the floor.  However, in his mind, he never made mistakes.  It was always the other person’s fault.

I would like to have a superpower to travel any place in the galaxy I wanted to.  It would even take me back through time, enabling me to meet important figures in history.

I would have liked to have been able to meet Vincent Van Gogh.  I read his biography a few years back.  He led a simple life.  He came from a wealthy family.  His father was a minister.  Everyone in the church congregation, including his family, were hypocrites.  In the church they said, “Do unto others,” but they only meant do onto people who were like them.  If someone was different in any way, or came from a lower socio-economic background, Vincent Van Gogh’s family and church congregation considered such people to be beneath them.

Vincent Van Gogh stopped going to church, because it didn’t impress him.  However, he did read the bible and followed the teachings within it.  He put those teachings into daily practice in his own life.

He took in a prostitute, her son and her mother when they had no shelter.  When they had no clothing, food, nor anything to drink, he provided for them.

He chose to live among the poor.  When there was an accident in the coalmines, he ran over to help.  He literally tore the shirt off his own back to use as bandages for the injured.

If I had superpowers to go back in time, I would have love to get acquainted with him and tell him how much I respect and admire him for his beliefs, and his actions, in addition for his talent as a remarkable artist.  I’d tell him how there should be more people like him in the world.  He did do onto others as he would have others do unto him.

He loved the Lord with all his heart.  However, he didn’t subscribe to the practices and ethics of the church.  Vincent Van Gogh believed in honesty and simple living, because he admired the poor and their way of life.

To the wealthy, religion was an art form.  To the poor, religion was a way of life.  To Vincent Van Gogh, religion was a way of life.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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