Day 205: (Lyrics) “I’m Losing Sleep. I Don’t Want To Dream Again.”

“I’m losing sleep.  I don’t want to dream again,” the lyric from Boys II Men’s song Losing Sleep takes me off to the magical place of dreams where nostalgia surrounds my heart with feelings so beautiful they hurt, because it’s like I’m in heaven.  However, the reason I’ve sadness is because I know soon, I’ll have to wake up from this beautiful dream and never see these wonderful people again.

I was surrounded by my loved ones who passed on in life.  Dreams are the one place I can see them and spend some quality time with them, having good times.

In a dream I had not too long ago, I was walking through an alley with lots of people.  It was like a jamboree filled with good feelings.  A man sang with his angelic sounding voice.  It pierced my soul, my spirit, my heart, and my entire being.

He kept walking further and further away from the group of people as he sang.

I was overwhelmed with grief, because even though I didn’t know this man, subconsciously I did know him.  It was as if he were a family member from another lifetime.

Drifting through the realm of solace, I’ve encountered an inner realm of deep serenity, only there was also a sharpness to the solace piercing my soul.

The song lyrics mentioned above give me the impression the guys in the group Boys II Men were talking about loss of some kind.  Perhaps one so painful, it haunts them through their dreams, because when they wake up what they had was no longer there.

Or perhaps it’s about a loved one or maybe it’s referring to someone whom they had a relationship, who left a mark on their heart their not able to remove.  It perhaps was the scar of love, but something went wrong in the relationship, resulting in the loss.

Especially in the song where there is another lyric, “Tossing and turning in my sleep,” referring to something or someone eating away at their consciousness, a pain causing great alarm.

I can certainly relate to the notion of loss regarding what I see in my dreams.  When I’m with my deceased loved one’s, I try to enjoy the precious time I spend with them.  It’s important to make every moment count.

The song lyrics cause me to have an emotional attachment, making me fall in love with the song and the music.  The emotional connection is strong.

For the sound of angelic harps make my heart beats rise and fall continuously.  The existence I’m encumbered by quenches the thirst my soul has for every drop of rain falling to the ground.  My heart light is magnified when I hear the angelic voices of Boys II Men when they sing the song, Losing Sleep.

I’ve learned to savor every moment I taste of the sunlight touching my face with its flames.  Every once of breath is caught up in the ambiance of rich melodies tying me to the past.  My heart is lost among the many overcome with emotion.  However, the evanescence of the spirit shall learn to soar higher.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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