(I’m Configured To Stand By The Shore) Why Did I Have To Wake Up From My Dream?

“I’m configured by time to stand by the shore,” I said to myself as I awoke from a beautiful dream filled beautiful vision of paradise.  It was as if I were in heaven.  In my dream state, I was surrounded by my deceased loved ones in a land where nature was abounded.  I was at a dinner party sitting next to my maternal grandfather who died years before I was born, along with my brother John, my maternal great-grandparents, and political figures from history.  I didn’t want to wake up.

Upon getting out of bed, I fumbled my way into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Gazing at myself in the mirror, I saw sadness in my eyes even when I smiled.  It was due to a long gone episode of the event transpiring, I didn’t want to wake up from.

“Why did I have to wake up from my dream?  I was so happy for the first time ever in my life.  Then, I was brought back to a harsh reality of my own existence as to how my life actually is.  With so much stress I endure in this house, how am I to ever get rid of the acne on my face,” I said to myself as washed the sleep away from my eyes.

“Kiki, are you almost done in there?  I’d like to get in the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth too,” my brother Stanley shouted while banging on the bathroom door.

“I’ll be out just as soon as I’m done.  Furthermore, you can just as well use the other bathroom.  Why do you have to bother me while I’m trying to get ready for school,” I said sternly as I tended to my face, applying my acne medication.

“Mom’s in there right now, and I don’t have time to wait.  Open up.  I’m in a hurry,” he grunted while he continued to bang on the door.

“Calm down.  You can be patient and courteous enough to let me finish doing what I have to do to get ready.  Why don’t you tell mom to hurry out of the other bathroom, since you’re so eager to use one,” I said sternly.

“Will you two shut up?  Do you have to start arguments this early in the morning?” My brother John asked while waiting to use the bathroom himself.

“Kiki’s taking so long in there.  I want to brush my teeth,” Stanley complained.

“I just heard the door of the other bathroom open.  Mom’s done.  Why don’t you go use it and I’ll wait for Kiki to get done?”  John suggested.

After I finished putting the final touches of my make up on my face, I exited the bathroom and headed to my bedroom to change out of my pajamas, and get dressed for school.

On the bus, I got lots of stares, because I wasn’t wearing my glasses, they broke as a result of the winter weather.  Actually, the nose piece cracked, splitting the glasses in two pieces.

“Who’s the new girl?”  A young man asked the other one sitting next to him.

“I don’t know,” he replied while he too continued to stare at me.

“Why don’t you people know who I am?”  I shouted while glaring at them.

“Kiki, I’m sorry.  It’s just that you look so different without your glasses, we didn’t recognize you,” the one young man responded while fidgeting with the straps on his duffle bag.

Huffing in disgust, I walked to the back of the bus where I took a seat next to two other girls, unzipped my duffel bag, took out my notebook, and went over my notes for physical science class.

The hallways of the middle school were busy, with everyone heading to their lockers after first period.  I had physical science for second period.

Upon arriving to class, I took my seat, while minding my own business, when two other girls approached me, telling me in unison, “Kiki, we’d like to you sit with us during lunch.”

Because I was skeptical, I replied, “Thank you for the invitation, but I’ve already made plans to sit with some other people for today,” and opened up my textbook to the chapter we were to study for the previous night’s homework.  I also opened my notebook to further review my notes.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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