(George Washington Sailed The Delaware) My 1st Grade Teacher Informed The Class

“George Washington sailed the Delaware, children,” my first grade teacher informed the students in my class, while she made some notations about him on the board.

One little boy raised his hand, but her back was turned towards us.  She continued writing on the blackboard.  So the little boy, coughed, “Gruhm umn.  I’d like to ask a question pertaining the George Washington.”

My teacher turned around, furling her eyebrows, and replied, “Young man, I’ll thank you to mind you manners, and to show a little respect to your elders.  At the moment, I’m trying to make notations for discussion.  In the meantime, restrain yourself from further disruption, or else you’ll be sent to the office with a note recommending that the principle have you stay an hour after school.  Have I made myself quite clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the boy replied sullenly as he slouched in the seat of his desk, playing around with his pencil.

“Now, class.  Back to our discussion about George Washington.  As I said, he sailed the Delaware, leading the United States to victory during the American Revolution.  He is considered to be the father of this great nation, and became our very first president.  For your homework assignment, I want you to think of some ways of which you could follow in his great example of leadership.  Imagine what your future would be like if you were a leader of some kind, whether it be of a country, a business, or an organization, anything you can think of, and decide what you would strive to achieve as the leader.  That will be all for today, class.  The bell is going to ring in seven minutes.  I suggest you put you belongings away, go quietly out into the hall, get your coats from the hooks, along with your boots and things, and put them on.  When the bell rings, you may be off to go home for the day.  I will expect your homework assignments to be turned in to me tomorrow.  Have a good rest of the day,” she said with her hands folded.

Upon my arrival home from school, I ran upstairs into my bedroom.  Tossing my backpack onto my bed, I rummaged through it to pull out my text books, my notebooks and pencil.  While sitting on my bed, I asked myself aloud, “Kiki, what would you like to be?  What kind of leader would you be if you were President of the United States?”

Answering myself, I replied, “Be respectable, that’s for sure.  I’d like to make great changes in this country maybe in technology.  Yes, in technology,” and I wrote notations in my notebook.

I heard my brothers running upstairs.  They stopped by my bedroom.  My brother Stanley asked, “What are you doing?  How come you were talking to yourself, Kiki?  Are you talking to some imaginary friends?”

“No.  I’m talking to myself, because I trying to find a way to word my essay just right that I have to turn in tomorrow for school.  Maybe the two of you can help me.  My teacher wants me and the rest of the class to talk about what our lives would be like if we were leaders.  For my essay, I chose to be a leader of a country, maybe making changes in technology,” I responded with my legs hanging over my bed, while holding my tablet on my lap.

“Why don’t you be a computer expert, Kiki?  You can make lots of changes in technology if you were a computer expert,” my brother John suggested as he walked over to my bed and sat down next to me, leaning over to examine my notes.

Stanley walked over to the other end of my bedroom and sat in my chair next to my bureau, listening and paying attention to what my brother John was saying.

“But if I was leader of a country, I could make all kinds of changes in technology, not only in computers, but oh I don’t know.  Maybe you’re right, John.  Perhaps I could be a computer expert.  Maybe I could also be a leader in scientific research in the area of medicine, and come up with cures for illnesses,” I giggled, while making more  notations.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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