Day 200: (Discipline) What Have I Learned Through The My 500 Words Writing Challenge?

What have I learned through My 500 Words writing exercise?  What are my goals for the next hundred days?  I’d say it has to be in the area of time management; learning to be patient with others and with myself; learning I’m capable of writing many different genres of writing I have never experimented not tried to write prior to getting involved with the My 500 words writing challenge; and learning I have a wider range of knowledge in many areas of life.

Throughout this process, I’ve learned how to balance my time between writing, learning a new language, my family, and with spending time with myself.  I’ve been writing everyday since I first began participation in the My 500 words writing challenge back in January of 2015.  Some days I write more than others, depending on how I’m feeling.  However, I generally put in the effort to write at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.  There are some days where I’d write for at least an hour, such as I did yesterday.  I took Mr. Jeff Goins advice to heart how it’s important to block out time each day for writing.  I’ve been doing so since the beginning, through taking advantage of opportunities to write wherever possible.

Whenever I have a free moment to myself, I take the initiative to write, in addition to incorporating some time for learning Spanish, and listening to video lectures made by Mr. Jeff Goins, Mr. Chandler Bolt, and other experts affiliated with them.  I’ve taken thorough notes, absorbing all they say, so I may apply what I’ve learned.  I’ve learned there is more than one way to write a book, and how a writer can write a book in such a short period of time.

I’m more patient with my family when it comes to helping out with taking care of my elderly grandmother, although, as mentioned in previous articles, it’s not always easy to do so.  However, I realized how important it is to obtain some tolerance to some degree, if one is to be able to think clearly enough to write, or to do any sort of task.  I’m learning more and more everyday to be a little more patient with myself whenever I make mistakes, although it isn’t always easy to do so.  It takes time to fully incorporate into daily practice.

From January of this year until now, I’ve learned I’m capable of writing for more than one genre and area of literature.  Throughout the process of the My 500 Words writing challenge, I’ve begun writing fiction in the areas of Horror, Mystery-Suspense, Relationships, and some Comedy.  I’ve also been writing lots of nonfiction, sharing my knowledge of Child Abuse, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, and about the writing field.  As a result, I’ve accumulated several pieces of writing for multiple novels, auto-biographic pieces, collective works of poetry, and a work of How-to pieces regarding writing tips and techniques.

My goals for the next 100 days are: (1) to become more proficient in the Spanish language; (2) to further develop the multiple novels I’ve begun writing, (3) to build on my knowledge of the writing field, and (4) Get in some reading time from my collection of books, and learn all I can from the authors about technique the authors them have used for creating structure and voice.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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