Science-Fiction: The Astro Academy

The Astro Academy is a school consisting of the usual subject of science, mathematics, and literature, and then there is the special training facility within the school.

Aldine, Lako, Raya, Eyotina, and Eyotitsa have returned to their home planet after being away on a long journey to help the people of earth set their recourse for a better way of life.

During the meteor disaster, the five of them were conducting scientific research in space where there shuttle rested on the moon.

Upon their return, they attended the Astro Academy to find out more about themselves.  On earth, they had special powers and abilities to fly on their own, but had to use their powers from behind the scenes.  No one on earth knew they could fly on their own.  So the used the space shuttle to fly to the moon.

Leaving the space shuttle on the moon, the five members flew back to their home planet where they were instructed to attend the Astro Academy to further strengthen their powers and go about their usual business of trying to solve the problems within the galaxy.

The school looked like a normal school on the outside, but inside their were beams of light going on with the student snapping their fingers.  They were automatically transported into the class room where they studied radio active energy, and kinetic energy along with telekinetic.

Aldine was in a special room where she tested her powers to see way into the future, and communicate with the selves of the past as well as those of the future.

She lay on a table where her advisers and commander did tests on her brain to come up with methods for her to give them information on how the past events affect the present events and then those of the future by having her communicate with her selves.

She and her people in her time had to come up with methods to reverse the effects of the meteor on the people of earth.  When the meteor struck, the humans transformed into giant plant-like people resembling more like the Jolly Green Giant.

In Aldine’s school, she was educated in the ways of the past.  In particular, she studied scientific measures with the purpose of bringing about powers of greater measure.

Students were taught to conduct experiments on themselves to heighten their awareness of what was going on in the outer limits of the galaxy.

They raised up heavy objects utilizing the power of their own minds.

With her mind, Aldine learned to control what went in the lives of the people who lived in the future.  She lay on a table with her eyes closed to zero in on some realm and time in the future.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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