Mystery-Suspense-Fiction: The Daunting Morning

Dominica Moore’s starts her daily routine every morning by having breakfast, and then going straight to the living room where she sets up her computer and turns on the internet to get started with her first writing composition for the day.  She generally has the goal to write 500 words for a story that will be captivating, inspiring and leave an impact on her readers.

Today, she’s writing about what it would be like if she were a hero from another planet who was sent to earth with five other representatives from her home planet.  She imagines what would transpire.

The story starts out with the dangerous aftermath of a meteor crashing on earth and genetically transforms many humans into plantlike creatures.

Dominica sits at her table typing away, when she receives a phone call from a friend who says, “Dominica, you need to come down to my house quick.  I heard a strange noise in my attic.  I don’t know what it is or why it’s there.  Or better yet, meet me at Café Grande in thirty minutes,” the woman shrieks before Dominica has the chance to respond.

Just as she’s exiting the front door of her house, she receives another call.  Dominica picks up the phone.  It’s the voice of a strange man with a husky voice.  “Darlene is no longer ticking,” he says, and then clicks the phone.

“What the…”  she Dominica says, while hanging up the phone and heads out the door of her house, gets into her car, pulls out of her driveway, when her car phone rings.  Pushing the button, she says, “Hello,” in a firm tone.

“I already told you, Darlene is no longer ticking,” the strange man says, and hangs up the phone.

Dominica pulls off to the side of the road to dial 911, and says to the operator, “This is Dominica Moore.  I keep getting strange calls from a man who tells me Darlene is no longer ticking,”

“What manner of speaking.  Where are you, ma’am?”  The operator asks.

“I’m in my car calling from my car phone.  The strange man first called my home phone when I was on my way out to check in on a friend.  Then, when I was driving down the road, he calls my car phone.  I’m scared and I don’t know what to do,” Dominica says in a shaky voice.

“Go directly to your friend’s house and check on her.  In the meantime, I’ll notify the police to check on things in your neighborhood and near and around your home.  May I have your address, please?

Upon giving the operator her address, Dominica stops at her friends house.  Walking up to the front door of her friend’s house, she knocks on the door, and it opens on it’s own.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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