Day 196: (Country Mouse, City Mouse) It Was During The Summer Of 1994, I Happened To Discover The Grandeur Of Washington, D. C.

It was during the summer of 1994, I happened to discover the grandeur of Washington, D. C.  I with my family members at our hotel.  It was on a Thursday.  Convention activities didn’t begin until the next day, so we decided to go to the National Zoo after we checked in and got settled in our rooms.  The walk to the subway was rather pleasant.  The air was fresh and sweet.

Not to far from the hotel, we passed some gentlemen on a street corner playing music utilizing garbage cans tipped upside down to beat on as drums.  The rhythmic beats were impressive.  It was the first time we’d ever seen anyone use anything other than drums for creating rhythmic beats of music.

Upon reaching the stairway leading down into the subway, my brother helped my grandmother climb down the steps, because she was intimidated by all those steps.  It was more than we’d ever climbed in our lives.

Riding the subway for the first time was a beautiful experience.  Upon sitting down in our seats, I was quite taken by the speed of the subway car, and by the beautiful scenery of scenery we passed on the ride down towards the National Zoo.  We passed open areas of grassy lands.  I loved taking in all the nature.

Walking through the zoo, we encountered a huge statue of a bird.  My brother who was 21 ½ years old at the time was so enthralled, he ran up to it, climbed on top of it, and sat to pose for a photo.  I stood beside the statue.  My aunt took some snapshots of us, as did my grandmother, and my brother’s girl friend.

On our walk, we encountered a cute little squirrel running about, gathering nuts.

The pink flamingoes were so very beautiful with their vibrancy.  However, it wasn’t the first time my brother and I had seen flamingoes.  We first saw them back in January 1991 when we were there with our parents and some relatives for Christmas vacation.  During our trip to the National Zoo.  My brother and I were amazed at seeing zebras and lions up close for the first time.  We all especially fell in love with the panda bear.

Georgetown had much to offer.  I immediately fell in love with it.  The beautiful and colorful historical homes were close together.  It was a quaint, elegant little town full of so much history.  We passed through during our trolley ride.

Although we visited many of the museums, there was no way we could see everything during the two weeks we were in Washington, D. C., because there are so many museums and exhibits around there.  We did however visit the Space Museum, and the museum containing Archie Bunkers Chair, and Fonzie’s jacket.  We also went to the another museum were dresses worn by the First Ladies during the State of the Union Address throughout the history of the United States dating back to Mrs. Martha Washington.  It was interesting to see how the styles of dresses changed over the course of time.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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