Day 195: What Do I Consider To Be The Awesome Parts Of Writing?

What do I consider to be awesome parts of writing?  Writing is an ongoing process needing to be nurtured and pampered on a daily basis.  It is a task requiring exercise of the brain continuously, to strengthen the writing craft.  It is composed of layers of thoughts, emotions, utilizing all the senses.  It is a conjecture of who I am as a writer.

Through exercising the brain, I strengthen my writing craft through getting into the habit of writing without worry if the given piece is good or bad.  It doesn’t matter, so long as there is a continuation of the flow of words trickling out of my mind and put into print.  For the spoken word is the continuum of the essence contained in my mirth, needing further development in the ways of the truth as I perceive it.  In doing so, I open up myself to the world, letting my soul connect with my readers, touching them in a way where I’m able to impact their lives, in addition to inspiring them.

I enjoy being able to create worlds through the power of my imagination, and connecting the lives of the characters to my own experiences, thoughts, views, and emotions.  I also use a mixture of personalities from real life people to comprise an individual character found within a story; thus, allowing them to lead the reading audience on a grandeur of an adventure exploring the heart, mind, soul and spirit in captivating ways.

It’s important to create a mixture of light and dark within an given piece of writing.  In some of my pieces I write about my personal bouts with child abuse, depression, post traumatic stress and the past struggles I encountered with finding my place in the world.

In my novel Dominica’s Inferno, the narrator within my story takes the reader on a dark journey filled with violence, self-hatred, and the inner struggle to accept herself as she is, because in her world, she must endure an existence with a father who can neither accept her as a person nor as his child, because he’s always wanting her to become a duplicate of a daughter of one of his friend’s.

During the writing process, I’m challenged to explore different layers of thoughts, emotions, utilizing all the senses.  I’m thankful for the manner the writing process allows me to explore all of these mentioned elements.  In many of my stories, rather fiction or non-fiction, I enable my readers to get inside the head of the narrator or characters found within the given piece of writing; however, I also enable them to get into their core, thus exploring the entire inner realms or inner being of a given character I write about.  Not only do I strive to create an emotional connection with my readers, but I strive for them to live life through the eyes of the character, in addition to enabling them to feel, hear what’s going on in the worlds I write about, touch, smell and taste.

There is a conjecture of who I am as a writer, in the sense I allow the readers to know me through living and breathing the characters I write about.  It gives them the sense of how my mind works, and what matters to me in life.  Although there is the ambiance of pain found within given pieces of my writing, I show my reading audience various truths about the world and how it operates, through bring the experience into focus, enabling my reading audience to not only witness the events or experiences I write about, but I enable them to live them, if only for a brief moment in time.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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