Day 193: (Story) Heading Further Back Into The Field

Waking up at the crack of dawn, Dominica climbed out of bed, stretching and yawning, put on her slippers, exited her bedroom, and headed toward the bathroom to wash away the nighttime sleep.

At breakfast, she wasn’t feeling hungry.

Walking outside, she could feel the dew settle into her skin.  Kneeling down on the grass to feel the wetness of the rain’s tears, she broke off a blade, and rubbed it between her fingers.

Heading further back into the field, she glanced up at the sky, stretching and yawning.  The hotness from the sun kissed her flesh with it’s heated breaths.  Thoughts of remorse and sadness raced through her mind, as she focused on the events having transpired over the course of the previous year.

First, there was her graduation from high school.  Nothing great, in her mind, she couldn’t wait to get out of there, after facing the brutalities of life her teenage years brought her way.  Having been unable to go to much of the social events throughout her high school years, because she felt uncomfortable within her own skin, she spent most of her free time alone in the basement of her house, listening and dancing to music from her hi-fi.  Exercise was often part of her daily regimen when it came to relinquishing the everyday stresses life threw her way.

Life at home was hard, because of her strict parents who made her clean the house bright and early in the morning prior to leaving for school, and again upon her return home from school.

Shortly after graduation from high school, she began working at a fast food restaurant, a thankless job of doing harsh janitorial labor, in addition to doing cashier work and other responsibilities entailing the job description.

Then, in November, her brother passed away.

Laying on the grass, the wetness seeped into her hair, creating a smooth silky feel to it.  She glanced all over the yard where memories crept into her mind of when she and her brothers would pick the vegetables in the garden, working into the late hours of the night, collecting the string beans into the huge garbage bags.  They often spent much of their time breaking off the ends of them and hand washing each bean individually, drying them really well with paper towels.  Did they ever go through lots of paper towels.  Finally, then had to resort to using clean dishtowels to dry the string beans before packaging them in zip-lock bags, and store them into the freezer for the winter.

Pushing herself up from the grass with her hands, she walked over to the patio where the little house was containing her family cats.  She picked up the orange one called Nosy, cradled her in her arms, sat cross-legged on the cold cement, and rocked her to sleep while singing to her.  The little cat’s eyes began to droop from drowsiness, until she finally went to sleep.  Dominica held Nosy for a few moments more in her arms, and watched her sleep like a mother would a child.  Then, she gently returned the little cat to her little house, and lay her on top of the warm blanket surrounding the interior of the little house, and covered her up with a smaller blanket.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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