Day 188: (Silence) Silence Is The Resilience Of Inner Peace Obtained When The Inner Realms Of The Mind Are In Balance

Silence is the resilience of inner peace obtained when the inner realms of the mind are in balance with tranquility and relaxation.  It is the ambiance holding the foundations of the mind, soul, and spirit together; the very fiber of one’s inner being sometimes eaten away by the everyday stresses life throws one’s way.

When I’m alone in my house, and experience the quiet, I can think, concentrate, read or write, and be alone with my thoughts.  It’s the great opportunity to reflect on my day.

Yesterday is a good example.  When the rest of the family members in my household elected to go out for the day, I preferred to stay at home and get some work done.

I began by taking care of the cleans clothes I had in the dryer from the night before.  Folding clothes is relaxing for me, and one of my many enjoyments.  Doing laundry brings me great pleasure and happiness.  I’m alone with my thoughts, and let the pressures of the world wash through me, dissolving into nothingness.  There is such a feeling of accomplishment when I finish.

Heading upstairs into the kitchen, I make myself a cup of Green Tea, take it with me into the living room, and begin work on my computer.  I look forward to sitting down to write each day.  Yesterday was no exception.  Letting my mind wander a bit, I let my thoughts trickle out when in a relaxed state of quiet, and type away on my computer.

Silence takes me off to another realm, even if only in the state of mind where I can explore new territories of my imagination.  For it is the wonderment of creation unfolding before my very eyes.  Through this process, I’m often led down tormented hours of sleepless nights due to restlessness without my knowing why I’m restless in the first place.  I then focus on the calm found in the peacefulness of quiet.

I listen to the sound of my own breathing, and let it carry me off to sleep.  I also focus on the sound of the ceiling fan spinning around and around and around in my bedroom, where it is like music of the soul, enrapturing me with tantalizing melodies stirring the silence of the night.  If I listening closely to what’s going on outside my closed window, I can hear the sound of crickets strumming along to the night time calls of the moons.

Sometimes, I peer through the blinds of my window at night, just to look out at the darkness within the sky.  There is only the vibrant light of the stars quivering against the moon is a sensuous dance of the heart.  For in the bliss hours of midnight, I lay on my bed, embracing my past while reflecting on my life’s journey leading me up to this point.

I often ask myself in the quiet of night how things may have turned out differently if I had been born someone else, living in another realm of the world.  Perhaps I could have been something else, or maybe I would be living an even simpler life.  The possibilities are endless.  I then come back into reality of my own existence realizing I cannot change things already past by me.  However, I can look forward to the new music coming into my time.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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