Day 184: (Traction) What Keeps Me Going As A Writer When Things Get Hard?

What keeps me going as a writer when things get hard?  Like most everyone, I have my days when I’m tired.  This past week, I had to take two days off from writing, because I was dead tired.  When exhaustion sets in so severe, one has no choice but to rest up so as to recuperate from the everyday stresses of life.  However, when I’m not productive with my writing, I feel guilty, because I want to write so badly, but can’t due to the severe exhaustion.

Most of the time, I’m excited to start my day with my writing.  I look forward in particular to the My 500 words daily writing challenge.  I love the built up of anticipation when it comes to writing the daily writing assignment.  It’s exciting to find out what the new challenge will be, and gets me anxious to delve into it.

Although there are times when the words don’t come to me immediately, I stop what I’m doing on my computer, log off and do another task around the house.  I don’t refer to this as procrastinating, but I like to think I’m restoring my mind with ideas to write about.  When I’m busy doing a chore around the house, or going for a walk or a drive, my mind is active.  At the same time I’m concentrating on where I’m going and what I’m doing at the given moment, I allow my mind to wander to where it may while I relax, especially when laying down on my bed.

I get lost in my thoughts, and I’m able to work out the writing composition mentally first by composing it in my mind.  When I’m ready, I go back to my computer and allow my thoughts to pour out of me.  Sometimes they pour out faster than I’m able to type.  However, I’m not worried.  If I leave a word out in the form of a typo, I can always catch it and correct it when I go back to proof read upon finishing the given piece of writing.

I often reflect on my day from the previous days events through writing about it the next day, inserting my own anecdotes, and gaining a clear perspective of the overall situation plaguing my emotions and my mind.  Through removing this clutter from my mind and incorporating it into an article or a story, I free myself from the daily stresses, and can therefore move on with my life.

Today when I begun my routine, I headed down into the basement to take a load of clothes out of the dryer and fold them.  I then got onto my computer to complete last weeks food chart, print it out, and begin working on the food chart for this week.  I keep daily records of the food and liquids I consume on a daily basis as a part of my weight loss regimen.  Once I finished, I began writing my daily assignment.

If one is feeling to stressed to come up with a writing composition, remember to take time to relax, and let the mind wander where it may without putting any pressure on oneself.  Eventually, the ideas will come, and the writing will flow out more freely.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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