Flash-Fiction: Day 178: (Survival) The Return

The huge meteor crashing to the earth wiped out most of the population in the town with the exception of a few thousand.  Liquid lava burned up the earth, melting down homes and automobiles, transforming survivors into plantlike creatures who must now rely on gas vapors filling the air to thrive on.  The sunlight has been blocked by thick black layers of carbon monoxide.

Plantlike creatures feed off the lava blanketing the earth so photosynthesis can take place.

Deep in space, is a space shuttle stuck on the moon, filled with five astronauts not affected by the meteor, because they were not on earth at the time the meteor crashed.

They decide to live off of the supplies they have stored not only in the space shuttle, but off of supplies manufactured by machines on the space station.

“Are you sure we can no longer go back to earth?  Surely, there must be some survivors left from the meteor crashing into the earth.  The planet is still thriving somehow,” Lako said to Aldine and Eyotina, while removing some printouts from the computer.

“From what we can tell by looking into the periscope, earth is now land of the green giants.  The surviving humans have gone through metamorphosis.  They are surviving on the lava coming from the meteor.  We can’t go back.  If we do, we could end up turning into giant plantlike people ourselves.  We need to either live off the supplies available here at the space station, or find another planet to live on,” she said while typing away at her keyboard.

“What about returning to Kalmagron.  We’ve served our purpose on planet earth.  There’s nothing more we can do for those people.  We certainly can’t stay here forever.  We have no choice but to turn back to a place safe enough to call our home,” Eyotina said while twirling around in her white chair, stretching out her legs.

Eyotitsa and Raya walked into the control room stretching and yawning while heading into the kitchen for some coffee.

“What have you two been doing all this time while the three of us have been working?”  Lako asked the two girls who entered the control room holding their cups of coffee.

Raya was reaching for the latest report Lako printed out and left on the table, when she replied, “We were taking naps.  Seeing as how there’s not much else we need to do before heading back to earth…we thought we could…”

“We’re not going back to earth,” Lako grunted while furling his eyebrows, “We’re going back to Kalmagron.  It’s the only solution we have.  There’s nothing more we can do for earth.  If you girls were in here working with us instead of sleeping, you’d know there’s been a catastrophe on earth involving a meteorite.  So I suggest you both get off of your duffs and get to work.  And another thing.  You both should know better than to bring your cups of coffee in here.  Take them to the kitchen and get back in here to help us.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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