School Days (The 1st Day of School)

School days bring about memories

Of the first day jitters.

Starting kindergarten was a scary

Adventure when venting into

Foreign waters of strangers.

Other children just like me

On their way to learns numbers,

Letters, shapes and colors,

Getting caught up in the basics

Of reading and arithmetic.

There was the doll corner fill

With toys galore for boys and girls

Pretending to be fathers and mothers

Of a family of children.

The cardboard blocks the boys

Used for building homes for

Themselves, their spouses and

Their children, inviting friends

For an evening of tea.

Our teacher took us out for

Some recess time, where boys

And girls swung on the swings

Or climbed the jungle gym.

When she blew her whistle,

We all lined up against the building

Where roll call was taken again

To make sure all the children

Were accounted for.

The last ten minutes of class

Was spent with all of us children

Gathered around the long table,

Sitting with our heads down for

A little nap, following snack of

Cookies and milk.

Then, the bell rang, we all grabbed

Our coats, lined up at the door

Where our teacher passed out

Notes from the school to be given

To our parents who waited outside

In the hall to take us home.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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