Day 171: (Summer Jobs) Upon Arriving To Work, I Met With The Shift Manager To Discuss My Assigned Position For The Day

As the school year ended, I had to go to my job at McDonald’s where I worked fulltime, instead of the usual part time.  Rising at the crack of dawn, I was consumed with sleep as I stumbled out of bed, making my way down the hall, and headed into the bathroom to shower and get ready to start my day.

Upon arriving to work, I met with the shift manager to discuss my assigned possession for the day.  I was assigned to make salads.  I also had to clean out the sundae machine, and refill the toppings.  Cleaning out the hardened chocolate fudge and caramel was cumbersome and aggravating, and took me forever.  I was always assigned to do it, because I was told I did a better job cleaning it than anyone else.

“I prefer you to have someone else clean them for a change.  I feel like I’m being taken for granted around here.  I believe the others deliberately do a crappy job of cleaning out the machine and the pumps, because they know all of you will tell them they don’t need to clean them if they don’t want to.  They know you all have a sucker to clean them out.  Me.  Well I’ve had it with their playing around I don’t want to clean them anymore.  Send someone else to clean them,” I grunted, as I headed to the back room to get started on salads.

The manager came back to talk to me.  “I don’t appreciate your attitude this morning.”

“I don’t appreciate the way I’ve been taken for granted around here.  You all let those high school punks get away with everything.  It’s time they learned some responsibility around here, don’t you think?  Either you get one of those punks to clean out the sundae machine, or I’m walking out.  I’ve had it,” I said while descending the stairs to get my belongings from the break room.

“Why can’t you work as a team like everyone else?”

“I’m the only one who is working as a team,” I yelled to him while ascending the stairs, “Why don’t you tell those high school punks to start working as a team.  I feel like politics are being played here and favoritism is being shown towards many of these high school kids.  Why do you suppose that is?  I don’t have to stay here and get taken for granted.  I’m out of here.  Find some other sucker to clean the sundae machines,” I said as I headed out the door.

While I was in the parking lot, I met up with the general manager.  He was surprised to see me.  “You can’t be done with your shift yet,” he said looking at me dumbfounded.

“I’m tired of being taken for granted around here.  I always get stuck cleaning out the sundae machines, because the others deliberately do a crappy job just so they won’t have to clean them.  They know you all have a sucker in me who would get stuck cleaning them.  I’ve had it with the disrespect I’ve been shown around here.  I’m going home,” I grunted with clenched teeth.

“Let’s go inside and discuss this further.  Perhaps we can reach some sort of compromise.  We can afford to lose you.  You’re the best employee we ever had,” he said.

I followed him back into the restaurant.  We agreed someone else would clean out the sundae machines.  There were changes made in the store from then on, because everyone had to take turns doing the various responsibilities, instead of relying on me to do the dirty work all of the time.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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