Day 167: (Road Trips) No Sooner Had We Piled Into My Mother’s Car, My Cousin Started In With His Antics

Gathering our clothes and putting them neatly into our suitcases, my brother, my parents and I gathered in the living room waiting for my great-aunt, great-uncle and their 9 ½ year old son to come down to our home, where we were then to take one car.

Upon their arrival to our home, my cousin dashed out of the car and ran into the bushes to play around.

“Get out of there,” my fathered yelled to him from the front entrance of our house, “Clean your shoes on the mat before you come into our home.  I don’t want you to track mud inside the house.”

My cousin climbed the step leading to the entrance of our home.  My father grabbed a hold of him, and spanked his bottom.

“But I’m just a little boy.  I don’t know any better,” my cousin cried as my father grabbed a hold of him, pulled of his muddy shoes, and made him bang his shoes together outside, before entering our home.

His parents followed him inside the house.  Not only did my cousin receive a spanking from my father, but he got a spanking from his own father, who yelled to him, “What you think you doing to track mud on the cement?  You mother and I tell you not to run in the bushes.  You don’t listen worth beans.  Now get inside the living room, put you shoes on and behave youself like a civilized human being.  Never mind you bratty behavior.”

“We are already to go to Chicago.  It’s just a matter of loading the suitcases into my car,” My mother informed my great-aunt and great-uncle as she and my father collected the suitcases, and went out the door with my brothers, myself, my great-uncle and my great-aunt following behind while grasping my cousins hands to keep him out of mischief.

No sooner had we all piled into my mother’s car, my cousin started in with his antics singing his little songs he made up about Obi Wan Kanobi and RC100.  At first, my father ignored him, and kept his mind focused on driving the car.

Once we got onto the highway, my cousin got loud and caused a raucous.

My father yelled back to him, “If you don’t stop you nonsense, I’m going to turn the car around and leave you at your home to let you older sisters to deal with you.  Shut up before I stop the car, come back there and spank you bottom.”

“You heard you cousin.  Keep you mouth closed.  I’ll give you a spanking myself if you don’t keep quiet.  You going to cause an accident with the way you behave,” my great-uncle yelled back to my cousin who started kicking the seat.

I leaned over and pinched his hand.

“Ouch.  That hurt,” he cried while he continued kicking the seat and flopping up and down on it.

“You were told more than once to behave yourself.  Settle down now, before I slap your face myself.  You’re not only going to get spanked by my father, and from your father, but I’ll spank your butt myself if you don’t settle down and behave yourself.  You’re giving me a headache with the way you are carrying on,” I grunted to him with clenched teeth.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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