Flash-Fiction: Oliver Holsten’s Turning Point

Oliver Holsten was a fixture on the wall from the time he was a small child.  He’d go to social gatherings, but know one would ever notice him.

At these social gatherings, women would be wearing fanciful gowns made of blue velvet, chemise, or some other expensive fabric.

All his life he’d was very shy about approaching a young lady he had his eye on.

One day while walking down the street, he wasn’t watching where he was going.  Instead of looking in front of him, he liked to look all around at the scenery.  In particular, he was admiring some birds trotting on the ground, eating some bread crumbs others dropped, when he bumped into a beautiful lady.

“Watch where you are going, my good sir.  You are very rude,” she snapped at him, and went on her way.

Oliver was so intrigued by the woman’s beauty, his words failed him, even to apologize.

He followed slightly behind the woman to see where she lived.

She resided at 103 Brickman Street, in one of the apartments in the complex.

“I think I’m going to ask my good friend Winslow if he could give me the apartment number of this beautiful creature.  He passes through this way on his mail route.  This apartment complex is one of his stops.  Ah, there’s the mail truck now,” he chirped as he ran over to the mail truck to greet his friend, “Winslow, my friend,” offering his hand for a handshake, “Can you give me then name and apartment number of a beautiful lady of elegance who lives in that particular apartment complex,” he asked while point to the complex.

“I think I know whom you are referring to.  That would be Ms. Alice Chime.  She is an heiress to the Chime’s Department Store franchise.  If you’d like, I can introduce you to her, if she’s home,” Winslow smiled as he grabbed his mail bag from the back of his truck and proceeded with Oliver into the apartment complex.

“I’m certain she’s home.  I just saw her enter the apartment complex a little while ago.  I don’t make it a habit of approaching strangers, especially beautiful ladies nor any lady at all.  But I must come to know this beautiful creature,” he shrieked in delight while waving his hands in the air, and clapping a couple times.

“Here she comes now, my good friend.  Good evening, Ms Chime.  Beautiful weather we’ve been having today, my dear,” Winslow smiled, as he handed over her mail to her.

“Yes, Winslow.  Indeed it is.  Thank you for my mail.  It’s always a pleasure talking with you,” she said as she started to walk away.

“Uh madam.  If you please, I’d like to introduce you to someone,” he smiled

Turning around, looking at him in bewilderment, she replied, “Okay.”

“This is my good friend Oliver Holsten.”


“I, I, I’m terribly sorry to have bumped into earlier today, madam.  If you will accept my apology, I should like to take you to a lovely café down the road.  If you’d like, we can walk, talk and get to know one another,” he smiled while taking off is hat to her, and bowing his head.

“Well, alright sir.  But only for coffee and chatting a while.  After that, I must come back home.  I’ve an appointment tomorrow.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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