Flash-Fiction: Day 159: (Party) A Gathering Amongst Friends

Dominica, Anne, Jamie and Lois sat in Anne’s dormitory watching a scary movie on television, when Anne got up from the floor, walked over to the television set and said, “Ladies, let’s do something more exciting for the weekend.  After indulging in so much stress from our exams, there must be something we can do other than watch some stupid gross movie.”

“Why don’t we go downstairs to the recreation room for a while, and play a game of ping-pong.  Dominica and I can play against you and Lois,” Jamie suggested while getting up from the floor, heading over to the refrigerator, opening it up, removing a pitcher of cold water, and pouring some for her self in one of the cups Anne had available.

“No.  I was thinking more along the lines of have a small gathering in this room.  Lonnie should be back from class soon.  We can invite some more people on our floor and some of the guys to come.  It would be more fun than just sitting around here being gross out by some scary movie of very low quality.  I hardly call gore tasteful.  Why can’t the actors of our time be more like Vincent Price or the Bella something or other who played Dracula in those very old movies.  I believe they were the first one’s to play Dracula,” Anne sighed, while sitting on the floor, as she held the phone on her lap, and dialed the number of some other students in the dorm.

Soon, Anne’s and Lonnie’s dorm room was packed with students consisting of about fifteen guests other than themselves, Lois, Jamie, and Dominica.

Jesse, Anne’s boyfriend, had gone out to the campus liquor store with his roommate Joaquin and picked some wine coolers of which they brought with them to the gathering, Misty, and Joss, some other girls on the floor brought a bottle of Vodka they happened to have in their dorm room.

A couple of other guys ordered pizzas upon arriving to Anne’s and Lonnie’s dorm room.  Everyone pitched in to buy some.  They also ordered some bottles of Pepsi, Sprite and Mountain Dew.

Dominica and Jamie went to the front desk in the lobby of the dorm to return the tasteless scary move video cassettes, and signed out some movies from the American Ninja series starring Michael Dudikoff.

Upon their return to Anne’s and Lonnie’s dorm room, Jamie walked over to the VCR to put in one of the movies.

Dominica walked over to the deck in the other room, opened the 32 oz. bottle of peach flavored wine cooler, and poured some into a cup.  Then she took a plate and helped herself to a slice of pizza.  Some of the others followed suit.

“This movie is awesome.  I’ve loved Karate movies since I was a little kid,” Jules said excitedly while getting up from the floor, trying to do some karate movies.  He ended up kicking Jesse in the face in the process.

“Hey, man, watch it.  Settle down.  There isn’t that much room in here for folks to act crazy,” Jesse scolded him, while glaring at him.

After an hour, Anne took the movie out of the VCR, and said, “Why don’t we put on some music, and dance.  Between the two rooms, we’d have plenty of room for dancing.”

“I don’t know if we’d have that much room in here, will we?”  Dominica said while taking a bite of her pizza, wiping her mouth with her napkin, as she sat cross legged on the floor.

None of the others wanted to listen to music either.  So, they spent the rest of the evening talking about politics and current events.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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