Flash-Fiction: Fulfilling His Duties

Tab Jones walked into an electronics store looking for a good sound system stereo for his home.  While looking at the different stereos in the electronics store, someone sneaks up from behind him, and konks him on the head, knocking him out, sending him crashing to the floor.

The thug who knocked Tab Jones on the head was none other that Harvey Whitcomb, a former childhood friend, always getting lost in the crowd during their high school days on back.  He hated being invisible.  “There must be some way I can stand out in the crowd.  Someday I’m going to be somebody in this world.  No matter what I have to do to get noticed by the world, I’ll make it one day.  I’ll show all those goody goody kiss ups in school I a person worth getting to know.  I don’t need to be the nobody at this school nor any other anymore,” he muttered to himself while fulfilling his duties as the high school janitor.

So after work, he drove over to Tab Jones house, waiting across the street, watching for him to leave for his outings like he usually does.

Following him for several miles in his own car, Harvey Whitcomb walked far enough behind him in the store where he could keep a close watch on Tab without getting caught.

Sneaking up on him from behind, he did the only thing he could.  Silence Tab temporarily, while he lay on the floor unconscious.

When no one was looking, Harvey snatched Tabs wallet, looked through it for cash.  There was $300 in there in addition to credit cards.

Snatching them up, he put them in his pocket and stuffed the empty wallet into Tab’s mouth.

By the time Tab was conscious again, Harvey was already in the process of paying for expensive equipment with Tab’s credit cards.  However, when the cashier asks for identification, Harvey goes ballistic, by pulling out a jackknife from his pocket and stabbed the cashier in the chest,  “I’ll make celebrity status in this town yet.  No more shall I be a nobody.”

“You’re crazy,” muttered the cashier in almost a whisper as he fell lifelessly to the floor, with his blood gushing out from his chest.  Harvey struck a vein on the man’s chest who died instantly.

Security came running after him, after catching the incident on camera.

Harvey was placed under arrest, read his rights, and hauled off in a police car.  However, not before his face was caught on camera for the six o’clock evening news.

Other customers in the store caught the incident on video through the use of their Smart Phones.  The video footage went viral instantly.

“I’m finally somebody.  I’m not invisible anymore,” he shouted, as the police forced him into the police car in handcuffs.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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