Day 156: (Spew or Stew) Managing Stress In My Life Isn’t Easy

Managing stress in my life isn’t easy, particularly when I get very little to no sleep at night, and getting even less sleep during the day.  As I’ve said in many previous articles, in addition to being a writer and blogger, I’m also a caregiver for my 94 ½ year old grandmother.

Take last night, for instance.  I was in bed closing my eyes, hoping to doze off and get some sleep, when I heard her crying and carrying on like she does every night.  Finally, I lost my temper, went into hers and my aunt’s bedroom, and yelled at my grandmother to be quiet so I can get some sleep.  The more I told her to be quiet and to stop her unnecessary crying, the more she carried on.  My aunt used the excuse about my grandmother having anxiety or is in pain.

“Why don’t you give her some pain reliever, so we can put an end to her nonsense of keeping everyone up all night long.  I don’t want to end up sleeping until the late part of noon early part of evening the next day.  I like to be productive during the day, I don’t like to have my time and day be wasted.  Do something about that old woman.  The sound of her crying is like metal scraping against metal.  My nerves can’t take it.  For God’s sake.  Do something about her and her antics, and give me some peace at night so I can sleep comfortably,” I yelled in frustration while tapping my grandmother on her leg to get her attention, “You need to be quiet so the rest of us can get some sleep.  What you are doing is inconsiderate.  You’re 94 ½ years old.  You have been an adult for quite some time.  I suggest you start acting like a mature adult, instead of acting like a spoiled child.  Grow up, will you please,” as I headed out her bedroom door on my way back to my own bedroom.

As the night progressed, the torture continued.  I’ve told my aunt time and time again how it’s not normal for a grown woman to carry on the way my grandmother does, and she should be taken to see a psychiatrist.  However, my aunt wouldn’t hear of it.  Her excuse is my grandmother cries at night from being in pain, and has anxiety.

Generally, when a person has anxiety, it’s a good indication they are not right in their mind, and should see a psychiatrist.  I wish my aunt would accept the fact my grandmother isn’t normal nor right in her mind, for someone her age to carry on like a child.

I deal with the stress by using earplugs at night so I can get some sleep.  Sometimes they are helpful in blocking out the noise made by my grandmother’s crying.  However, many times they are not helpful at all.

Usually, the only way I can cope with stress is by getting an adequate amount of sleep each night so I can be refreshed, alert and focused in the morning, instead of being dead tired.  It only works when I can get sleep at night, which is very seldom.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


One thought on “Day 156: (Spew or Stew) Managing Stress In My Life Isn’t Easy

  1. She’s 94.5 years old. At that age, they have to be taken care of like a child again. Please don’t see her as a full grown adult. Physically and emotionally she’s very vulnerable now… Try to understand her and talk to her nicely. Find out what the problem is. We don’t scream at toddlers when they cry, do we? Same goes with grandma… At least she deserves some respect 🙂


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